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Utah Jazz have started off poorly, or is this all by Dennis Lindsey's design?

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Welp, I guess I no longer need to care about the Utah Jazz secret Santa thing we wus doing
Welp, I guess I no longer need to care about the Utah Jazz secret Santa thing we wus doing
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SLC Dunk is a site for Utah Jazz fans. It's our home where we get to talk about the Utah Jazz. And we talk about the Utah Jazz every single day of the year. We even have posts on Thanksgiving and on the 4th of July. Beat writers don't write about the team with the year round coverage that we do (and they deserve a summer break with all the great work they do, and all the weeks they spend away from their family), and we do this for free. Why? Because we love our team.

We're a bunch of crazy people who love the Utah Jazz and have made this website our home. We talk about the news, write our opinions on events, pour over stats, and more. We have one great podcast, and we have a great group of contributors who do videos as well.

But more than anything else, this is a living website that's more than just a blog. We want to eventually do everything here. To show that we have LilBax and I doing a two man video just talking about the team, and what's happening right now. (Seriously, did Spencer Ryan Hall ever do videos with Jazz fans before?)

Now, LilBax and I talk about the Jazz' early season struggles, when we expect to get our first win of the season (will it be at home against the New Orleans Pelicans or later on this month against the Phoenix Suns?), and touch on the Jamaal Tinsley / Trey Burke near-fiasco at point guard.

There's more though. Like trying to do this move.

Check it out

Most importantly, three questions for people who watch this video:

  • When do we win our first game of the season? And is Amar too much of a sour-puss with his prediction?
  • What in-season situation has to happen for Dennis Lindsey to pull the trigger on Tyrone Corbin, Sidney Lowe, and Mike Sanders? (If there is no situation that could ever get them fired then explain)
  • And who did the "Starbucks Drake Hands" move better: Nathan or me? Whomever loses has to wear women's makeup in the next video...