How engaged are they?

I'm not sure why Moni's photo questioning Enes' once-fearsome abs raised this line of thinking in my mind, but here goes...

I'm wondering about something. I've seen how invested Marvin Williams is (angry face after made buckets against N.O.). It is obvious how hard Gordon is trying (results speak for themselves, despite all those misses last night). Burks is pissed he isn't playing better (see the recent GIF of Alec with his head in his shirt after a recent missed dunk). Favors cares, just ask Tim Duncan. Even Rudy on and off the bench is fun to watch in terms of how much he clearly cares. What about the big Turk? He's the player who seems the most, well, depressed by the losses that have piled up so far. He doesn't seem mad or worked up, just defeated. He looks like a big shrug out there sometimes. Or, when up against Brooke Lopez, I'm sorry to say, Enes looked like a little shrug. Have I missed his moments of strong emotion? Or, is there something real to be concerned about here. What do you all think?

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