Glass Houses.

Dear brothers and sisters, let me tell you about the greatest day of my life. During the summer of 2009 I finally found my answer. For months I had been frequenting different Jazz sites looking for a site that really spoke to me. One that I could connect with and felt would bring a much needed clarity to my life. After weeks of visiting SLCdunk I came to the conclusion that this was the place for me and BBJ had thoroughly convinced me that I found a place I could call home. I joined SLCdunk in late July and haven't looked back since.

What I found at SLCdunk was amazing. Daily blog updates with Jazz content. Other members who felt like me about the Jazz and who could intelligently and humorously discuss our favorite franchise. New information that I had never thought about which changed the way I approached being a fan. There was real fanatical growth. It was amazing. SLCdunk gave us a platform to be ourselves and have a place to hang out. It was like finding the perfect crack-house for an addict, the perfect chapel for a priest, and a blog site for a stupid bogger. It was home.

The best part was the debates and arguments that we had on SLCdunk. If you think the C4 vs Vets debates were bad, you should have seen back in the heyday when blood was spilled regularly in the streets over Millsap and Boozer. You couldn't even venture onto the site without having your trusty set of brass knuckles on while being strapped with your favorite switchblade for defense. It was a gang war and it was paradise.

Regardless, we were a blog of boggers, a cult of conviction, a harem of harlots. We stuck together and that's what made the place special. We watched with butterflies in our stomach (after many grueling years,) as the fabled Knicks' pick turned into the Precious, Mr. G-time, Flash Gordon himself. We found strength in each other when we watched Jerry Sloan step down, the only Jazz coach that many of us had ever known. We watched and argued about D-will, as our franchise star was traded to the Nets ushering in a new Jazz age. Hell, we even laughed ourselves to tears watching Fesenko wantonly check out the cheerleaders and crowd during timeouts.

The site over the years has continued to grow, new management and writers spoil us with an unbelievable amount of content. The members continue to grow and new voices pop up on the site all the time. It's a great time to be a SLCdunker and we spoiled fans should shout our praises to those who give us such content and the hard work and endless time they devote to giving us their best. I know I'm truly am grateful.

All that being said, the phrase "those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" comes to mind. Well, I've never been one for throwing stuff but I am about to bring a Louisville Slugger into that house. Fragile surroundings be damned.

There is a weird Jazz fan dichotomy that has sprung into existence over the last few years, especially on twitter. Jazz fans vs. SLCdunk fans. Apparently if you enjoy this site that means you aren't really a Jazz fan or something. I've seen tweets about how there are those who like the Jazz and those who worship a blog. A tongue in cheek comment about this incredible collection of Jazz fans and writers. It bugs me.

There is a hive mind attitude towards SLCdunk. Apparently Amar is our queen and tells the rest of us little worker bees how to think or behave when it comes to our favorite franchise. He took us down to salty cold waters of the Great Salt Lake and not only baptized us, but brainwashed us. We can't objectively look at the state of the franchise and we criticize unjustly.

How grossly unfair is that nonsense. It doesn't bug me as a fan, it bugs me as a person who respects the hard work, intelligence, and knowhow of those who are producing content for this blog and those who comment on it. Holy sweet hell do we have a bunch of REALLY intelligent fans here. Doctors, lawyers, awesome housewives, journalists, teachers, and the list goes on. But no, none of that really matters because they produce content for a blog.

Yea, more often than not a vast majority of us agree about certain things when it comes to the Jazz but the causality of that has been so skewed and warped that it's become some nonsensical piece of garbage that we only agree because we get all our info from SLCdunk. Yea, no, maybe we are all on the blog because we already agreed about a lot of stuff. I can't speak for anyone else on this blog but I can talk about my experience. I'm an adult and would like to be treated as such. I have a brain that analyzes information and forms opinions based on what it experiences. I watch the games. I look at data. I use my brain to come to conclusions. Are they always right? No. Am I in a profession where I have unlimited access to data, the team, and behind closed doors information? No. I'm just a fan who loves a franchise and no offense, but that grants me the right to have an opinion and a voice. This stands for many people, not just members of this blogs, but fans everywhere.

What SLCdunk does, is allow me and others, to use that voice. What an incredible thing. One that shouldn't be demonized and made a pariah. Blogging has changed the way that fans approach sports. It's a change that I think is for the better because it allows thousands of fans to have a voice outside of just screaming and cheering uncontrollably at games. This goes for all blogs. Not just SLCdunk. Whether it's Jazz Fanatical, Taxi Squad, Torn by Sports, and any of the other incredible Jazz blogs out there on the interwebs.

Instead, we've come up with a self righteous soapbox where if you disagree about whether or not Corbin is the right coach for the Jazz or if tanking is the right approach to helping the rebuild, you can bully, yell, and pick fights on a regular basis because they're just bloggers. What the bloody hell is that bullshit about? The worst part is that the personal nature of the attacks has become infuriatingly frequent. If you disagree with us, well, we'll put one of yours in the hospital. You fight back. We'll put one in the morgue.

Frankly, I'm done apologizing. It's ridiculous that we have to rationalize and justify our opinions because the majority of the fans on this site agree on things. Screw it. We come here because we find companionship and like-mindedness. That's a good thing. We shouldn't have to apologize for being a part of a blog that gets a ton of viewership and attention. We shouldn't have to feel guilty that we have different opinions than what the media and other blog sites would have us think. We shouldn't have to hold back our overly enthused hope about the young guys bringing this team back to contention. Nor should we have to bite our tongues about feeling like we should have a down year so we have a chance at a generational talent.

Yes, we do have every right to feel that way and think that way but still have strong opinions about how or why the Jazz are losing. We can have our cake and eat it too. Why, because this is the freaking internet. This is social media. You can attack that all you want. It doesn't really matter. In fact, I'm sure those that run this blog would even encourage the arguing as long as it's done in a mature, educated, and fact presented way. I can't think that any of the authors and most of the commenters on this side would ever back away or shun that sort of discussion. We're educated. We're passionate. We're vocal.

I'm tired of feeling like I have to be defensive about how I feel about my favorite basketball team. I'm tired of seeing my friends being attacked and having to be defensive about their opinions too. No more apologizing. It is what it is. So throw your stones at this glass house. I have a bat and I'm waiting.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.