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The Downbeat #1201 - Amar is Alright Edition

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

One, for the number of wins, thus far. Things are looking up, a bit. A 16 point lead at home against the mighty Spurs of San Anton', and despite an early deficit against the Warriors, the Jazz managed to march out of Oracle with a loss by less than 25 points.


In seriousness, the Jazz are at least playing hard after a road trip in which we saw them pretty demoralized. The Jazz have the chance for redemption tonight, with the Warriors visiting Salt Lake City. Look for the game preview from Amar, later this afternoon.

Segue! Amar took a little bit of a spill this weekend, but is all better.

Someone needs to invent a subcutaneous shock sensor implant that, whenever the set G-Force is exceeded, an alert is sent to designated person's smart phones. My wife needs this as well.

Don't worry. Amar is alright and still has a bad taste for long 2pt jumpers.

John Stockton was all over SLC this past weekend. I saw some great pictures and some very happy fans. I also heard about some really cold and miserable fans (waiting in line for hours, only to be cutoff). Did anyone try to and/or successfully get through the line to face the Point God? Throw some of your experiences in the comments. Pictures are encouraged!

According to CSN Chicago, a NBA Assistant Coach stated that Jabari Parker would be the best player on the Jazz roster, if he were to join the team right now:

"If he left Duke right now and said, ‘I’m leaving,’ he would be Utah’s best player," the assistant told Zagoria. "He would be a lot of teams’ best player."

Better than Enes Kanter. Better than Derrick Favors. Better than Gordon Hayward. Those are strong words, especially since "better" is so subjective. I'm guessing they mean offensively. When I watched him play Duke last week, I wasn't particularly blown away by his defensive prowess. But, this is the NBA and [even though the history of winning teams tells us otherwise] offense always trumps defense in valuing a player.

Attendance has been down a bit this year, and by "a bit" I mean there are a ton of green seats at the games. The bandwagon fans' loss is your opportunity. Tickets have been going for pretty cheap on various websites. Another bonus? When you go to these games it is so much easier to get parking and get out to the freeway.