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Utah Jazz finally get their first win, Amar defends Tyrone Corbin somewhat . . .

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Remember the good times, Utah Jazz fans? Back when we beat the New Orleans Pelicans? Well, I do. I talked about it with Phil Naessens on his show on Armed Forces Radio. We go into some details about that game, including lauding Gordon Hayward for his increased performance with the team, when we actually need someone to step up. I must admit it seems like Anthony Davis is playing better than Derrick Favors right now, but part of that has to be playing a player to his strengths vs. trying to expand his capability on the floor. Also, Diante Garrett / Jamaal Tinsley talk continues! (Of course, it all revolves around Trey Burke and John Lucas III....)

FURTHERMORE, I guess I weakly defend Tyrone Corbin a bit. (Or, at the very least, rationalizes the insanity.)

Check it all out here; or alternatively, just listen below.

My part starts the show. Also, a BREAKDOWN of how we won a game (and was it repeatable) coming up later this week.