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Coach Corbin gets a lot of hate on this site. It goes beyond disagreement, or even dislike. A lot of SLCDunkers display HATRED for Ty Corbin. Please note that I'm using the word 'display.' My personal belief is that most of us don't actually hate Ty, we may hate how he coaches, but we don't actually hate the man himself. I may be wrong. That's fine. What I really want to know is:

Would anything change your mind about Ty?

I'd guess that most of you would respond with something along the lines of:

  • "Tighter rotations that limit the minutes of those players who are not in the teams long term plans."
  • "A consistent defensive scheme that forces opponents into inefficient shots."
  • "Offensive sets that highlight our players strengths"
  • "Corbin acknowledging his faults and holding himself accountable for his mistakes."

I know that a lot of us are also tired of the team rhetoric about Corbin. We hear excuses after excuses about the difficult situation he's been in, or how good he is at managing a locker room, while seemingly never hearing any criticisms about his game management. What I want to know from you is:

What if those aren't just platitudes? Does that changes your opinion?

Hypothetical scenario: In early January the Jazz go on a solid run and win 8 out of 10 games, some of them against playoff teams. In a post game interview, following a win, Derrick Favors lets slip to the interviewer that "Coach Corbin is a big reason why I signed my extension last fall. I know I probably would have gotten more money in restricted free agency, but I was willing to pass up that opportunity in order to play for Corbin." Later that week, after a loss, Gordon Hayward says "We went through a lot of this early in the season. It's always difficult to lose, but Coach really kept us together and helped us get through it. I hope he stays on as coach, because I know we would have been a lot worse off without him." And finally, in a post-game interview after a close win where he posts a triple double, Alec Burks says "I got to give a lot of credit to Coach Corbin. [licks lips] I know I wouldn't have been able to play this way if he hadn't kept hounding me to get better. I struggled a lot early in the season, but that was on me. I didn't put in the work, and it showed in my play. Coach kept putting me in though, showing me that he knew I could do it."

Would those things matter to you? I know that we don't have anything to suggest that anything like this would ever happen, but what if? Would it change how you look at Ty?

What I'm trying to figure out, is if we only care about the Xs and Os, or if the interpersonal stuff also matters to us as fans. So let me know.

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