The Pre-Bafflement Report: Jazz vs OKC

In lieu of Marvin Williams' recent outstanding play and Kanter's, well, ya know. I'm going to bet that tonight Kanter doesn't start. Either Jeremy Evans or Marvin will start in his place.

And yes, I believe also that Trey Burke will finally get his first start of his NBA career and log 25-32 minutes, which is a good thing. God please forbid that JLIII makes another start or Alec Burks. I think we've all seen enough of that. It makes me miss Uncle Amaal--no, it doesn't. If he doesn't start, I will sob.

But how would you feel if Kanter is in the Corb-house?

I could be 100-percent wrong about this (fingers crossed). But it would seem Corb-like to do something baffling like asking Marvin Williams to guard Serge Ibaka or Kendrick Perkins just so we could get some more offense on the floor with our struggling starting five.

And what happened to Rudy Gobert? Is he hurt or is he in the Corb-house, too? Probably the latter. I think he needs to be on the floor more often. He's a beast, albeit an error prone one. But it's not like the guys in front of him aren't making beyond their fair share of mistakes, right?

Honestly, and forgive the discombobulated mess of this unstructured fanpost (Corb is rubbing off on me, dammit), but I'm actually dreading watching tonight's game. The losses, or Master Plan if you will, are killing my spirit.

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