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The Downbeat #1207 - The Bright Side Edition

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was a rough game to watch. Usually I look for the small bits of improvement; the glimpses of hope. No such luck last night. Besides the normal abysmal shooting (they almost made it to 40%, but that was only so because garbage time started with 8:00 left in the 4th), they were out-rebounded by 13 (a product of all the clanked shots, to be sure), shot a blistering 45% from the charity stripe, only managed 14 assists, and made 22% of their threes, and Jeremy Evans missed a shot. There wasn't much to be happy about in this game.

Coach Corbin switched up the starting lineup last night, swapping Marvin Williams into the starting lineup for Kanter. I like the idea of getting Kanter some burn against backups, to help his confidence, but I don't like inserting Marvin into the lineup in a game that would feature Serge Ibaka in the post and Kevin Durant in the paint. It would have probably been better to do it tonight against Boozer.

Maybe the bright side is that the struggling Chicago Bulls are in town for tonight. The Bulls have lost 3 straight and are without Derrick Rose... indefinitely. I, for one, will feel a deep sense of pride when my fellow Jazz fans honor a former Jazzman by yelling out those familiar "Boooooooz. Boooooz" for Carlos Boozer. Always gives me chills.

I'm keeping this Downbeat light because things have been a bit tense. Remember what Shums said last week, keep it decent in the comments, and respect differing opinions. The discussions here on the Dunk are what the site is all about, but try to remember there is another human being on the other side of that comment you're getting ready to lambaste. If you have a strong opinion, by all means air it, but be prepared to (civilly) defend said opinion. If you feel like the retort will be too long for the comments, throw up a Fanpost and link to it in the comments. You might even find your post featured in Shum's Downbeat on Wednesday.

Here is my weekly plea to GO TO THE GAMES. Yes, things are rough in Jazzlandia, but the games are still a blast to go to. Like I said last week, tickets are CHEAP and parking is much easier.