Bears, Beets, Basketball and the Utah Jazz

I love the Utah Jazz so much that I went to their game tonight..... Ok, that was low, I know but I really did go. I took most of the family except my little sick boy Boston who stayed home with Grandma. We were the weirdo's in our pajamas. We got there with 7 minutes left in the second quarter due to some last minute planning. I am very grateful for the great tickets from one of my BFF's ChrisTOfer. I was still juiced from going to the game that I decided to do a short video. tonight on what was left on my mind (my wife can only handle so much Jazz talk). In this delightful and satisfying video you will hear my thoughts on the game, our painfully interesting current situation and a little FYI on getting to know me. In the comments section below I would love to hear a little about each one of you. Pick a few things like what you do for a living, where you are from, how you fell in love with the Jazz and who is your favorite Ninja Turtle? We are all in this for the long haul so let's get to know each other. Man it will be awkward if there are only 2 comments.....

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