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Recap: Jazz 112 at Suns 104

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The defense looked much better to start the game tonight. Favors was aggressive on both ends of the floor and Marvin Williams continued his great play. Dragic is becoming a great point guard. He was already good, and has been for quite some time, however tonight at times he was out of control. The Jazz and Suns went back and forth making mini runs on each other throughout the first two quarters. The Suns lead by 6 or 7 early and Jazz came back and took the lead by as many as 8 and then the Suns came back late in the second quarter to take a halftime lead 53-49. The Jazz started the second half on a 14-6 run, but had no answer for Dragic. Ty made some adjustments and put Gordon/Jefferson on Dragic which kept him quiet until late in the game. Marvin Williams and Trey Burke hit some huge shots in the fourth quarter to keep the Jazz ahead going into the final three minutes (101-97). Jazz execution was solid enough down the stretch, and the Jazz got their third win of the season. Final score Utah 112 Suns 104. Offensively, this was the most complete game of the season.

Three Positives

The Marvin and Kanter switch appears to have helped both players. Marvin's shooting is spreading the floor for the starters and Kanter is playing better off the bench than he was as a starter. Hopefully, they both will continue to grow in these roles.

3 Point shooting was very good tonight. It kept us in the game early and keep the lead late.

Young guys and Marvin finishing the game. My feeling is that experience, both bad and good, is helpful for our team. As fans we understand that we are not very good, However we should relish any chance we have to learn how to be a better team. Closing out games is an experience that these guys need to have together.

Two Negatives

Burke 's Size against Dragic

This is not really a negative, but Burke's height was one of the weaknesses that we heard about coming out of the combine. Dragic exploited this the last two games. Trey will have to learn how to play "bigger" on defense.

Pick and Roll Defense

We have to give credit where credit is due (Dragic) but at different points in the game we were lost on the PNR. I say lost because it seems like we are making PNR decisions on a case by case basis. The negative to this is that at times the two players are making different reads. This is making us looked confused.