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The Downbeat #1190: Hot Turnover!! Edition

Military Appreciation night, Jazz Attendance, Turnovers, and Free throw Shooting.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Jazz are going to have a Military Appreciation Night on November 11.

Utah Jazz Celebrates Military Appreciation Night | THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE UTAH JAZZ

The Utah Jazz will honor members of the United States Armed Forces and thank them for their service at Military Appreciation Night, sponsored by Ford, on Monday, Nov. 11 when the Jazz hosts the Denver Nuggets at EnergySolutions Arena at 7 p.m. as part of NBA Cares Hoops for Troops. "Honoring our armed forces at a Utah Jazz game is a small way of showing our appreciation to the sacrifices they make every day," said Utah Jazz President Randy Rigby. "We are thankful for the service, bravery and commitment of those in the armed forces and their families." Recently Jazz players John Lucas III, Richard Jefferson and Williams along with Jazz Bear and America First Jazz Dancers hosted about 45 members of families from deployed Utah National Guard members in a bowling and pizza party at Fat Cats Bowling in Salt Lake City.

I know I give John Lucas a hard time on the court but off the court this guy is an amazing guy.  I am blown away by how he interacts by fans and treats people.  Though he may not be the best point guard for the Utah Jazz he is the best person for the Utah Jazz.  He represents their brand to the highest level.

The Jazz are currently playing at the 22nd slowest pace in the league.  Before the season started Amar and I had theorized that the Jazz would have to play at a slow pace and have a low defensive rating to compete.  So far the Jazz have lost 3 close games and have had a chance to win all of them due to their slow pace.

Their defensive rating is 103.8.  That means their opponents scored 103.8 points per 100 possessions.  That's only good for 17th in the league.  Even though they hold opponents to 97.3 ppg so far this season, it's misleading due to the slow pace the Utah Jazz play at.

The Jazz to start out the season are still in the top ten in attendance.  They are 6th in the league.  This will be something to watch over the next few months especially if the Jazz's losing streak continues through this road trip.

The Jazz have a turnover issue.  *Cue Arby's promotion deal*  The Utah Jazz turnover the ball 17% of the time.  Meaning on every possession there is a 17% chance the the Jazz will turn the ball over. At the current rate that's almost once every 5 possessions.  The Utah Jazz are just as likely to have their possession end in a 3 pointer as they are to have it be turned over.  That's not good.

Compound the turnover problem to the Utah Jazz's 22nd lowest field goal percentage and you have a recipe for disaster.  So how have the Jazz stayed close in all of these games?

Elite offensive rebounding.

The Jazz are second in the league in offensive rebounding.  On every missed Jazz shot there is a 1 in 3 chance the Jazz will end up with the offensive rebound.  1 in 3.  That's spectacular.  That's what is keeping the Jazz in games.  Their rebounding.

There's a silver lining.  If the Jazz turn the ball over less and continue their elite rebounding then they're going to sneak out with some victories.  The key is Derrick Favors and Jamaal Tinsley.  They are the two biggest turnover offenders.  If those two can cut their turnovers down to team averages the Jazz have a chance to win.

The other big key to winning?  Free Throws.

Right now the Jazz are shooting 69% from the charity stripe.  That's bad.  23rd worst in the league bad.  The Jazz may be gaining extra opportunities by offensive rebounds but they're throwing those opportunities away at the free throw line.

Alec Burks free throw percentage is 65%.

Gordon Hayward's free throw percentage is 50%.

Derrick Favors' free throw percentage is 65%.

Enes Kanter is shooting 100%.

In no world should Enes Kanter be shooting free throws better than Alec Burks and Gordon Hayward.  In no world should Derrick Favors be shooting free throws better than Alec Burks and Gordon Hayward.  That has to improve ASAP.

Good news everybody!  The Utah Jazz have risen 7 spots in's TANK RANK!

NBA: Tank Rank -- Boston Celtics move to top of the list - ESPN

2. Utah Jazz | Status: Tank-building | Record: 0-3

This season's Jazz team was going to be either a pleasant surprise (if their young players took a big step forward) or a major disaster. It's been a little of both so far. The Jazz are 0-3 and one of those losses came at the hands of the Phoenix Suns. That's the good news for those in the Jazz tanking camp.

But the bad news for those hoping the Jazz score the No. 1 pick in June is that the team has played both the Thunder and Rockets pretty tight and Alec Burks, Enes Kanter, Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors all look improved. Once they get a point guard running the team, they should start winning some games and likely slide a few spots down this chart. (Last week: 7 )