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Utah Jazz 2013 2014: A Tank Oddity


Have you seen the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"? It's by famed director Stanley Kubrick and somewhat based upon the Arthur C. Clark novel "The Sentinel". It's a pretty far out movie that is riddled with hidden secrets and details that may go over, under, or through the heads of the readers and/or movie viewers. Ultimately, it is classified as a very impressive and much discussed movie. Today it remains as one of the monumental films not just in Kubrick's filmography, but in the history of film itself.

It's a movie that people talk about still, decades after its' release.

That's precisely what this 2013-2014 season is going to be like for the Utah Jazz. There are some straight forward themes and quasi-linear events that we expect, some of them may come to pass. But there are layers and layers of information that we will have to need years and years to penetrate. So this series will start today in order to try to better understand what is going on.

It's not 2001: A Space Odyssey . . . it's 2013-2014: A tank oddity.

Oh yes, some people think our team is tanking this year, and that's the most obvious narrative that national observers will follow. There are other themes, stories, and developments that we need to follow though. Different reasons. Different reactions. Different realities.

The major surface conflict of this season will always surround last off-season and the direction we are 'launching' from. Are we tanking or developing or are they one in the same? Are we trying to win now, but take our gut punches? Or are we performing simple behaviors while hiding clandestine designs?

Will our '13-14 team be the primals attempting to build tools to help them dominate the future; or are we the advanced, who have lost our connection to reality?

If we are tanking, let's document our ideas and evidence of such.

If we are not tanking, we must objectively record it as well.

Is poor Tyrone Corbin the embodiment of hapless man, floating in a cold, and dispassionate space? Is Andrew Wiggins the star child? Do we call General Manager Dennis Lindsey the monolith? What about HAL? Or is that just a numbers game? And that's where the oddities will emerge as the season goes on, and on.

At the end of 82 games this season will only be beginning to reveal its' secrets. But we're going to all contribute to this and have some fun this season talking about the '13-14 Jazz; and I have a feeling we're going to be talking about this team for a very long time.

Full download of the image, if you are as insane as I am can be found here.