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Game Recap: Jazz 73, Bulls 97

Jonathan Daniel

So I didn't watch the game at home tonight. I went out with my family for pizza. When we got there, the Jazz game was on. So I kinda watched to see what was going on.

In all the time I was there I saw the Jazz score 4 points. Richard Jefferson's steal and dunk, and two free throws by Gordon Hayward.

Now, at that point it was obvious that there had actually been more points scored. They did have 40 at the half, and though I did wonder if it was simply a score-keeper not paying attention, I had to admit that he couldn't have absentmindedly given the Jazz 40 points they didn't actually score.

* * *

The Bulls jumped out to a 7-2 lead in the first minute and a half, and that was that.

* * *

The Jazz shot under 30% from the field. Which is really bad.

And yet, I don't think they're just missing shots. When I watch they seem to struggle so badly to actually find good shots. Everything's covered. Nothing's easy. I'm not a coach, and I don't know how to change this, but I hope they can figure it out.

Three good things

1. Gordon Hayward's all-around game. Sure, he shot poorly tonight (as did everyone). But I'm still pretty impressed with what he's giving the team: 15 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists is nothing to roll your eyes at. Honestly, considering the Jazz shooting this game, I don't know how he got 5 assists. I don't know how he's averaging that many per game. But he is.

He's not good enough to be an elite scorer right now, but he's still showing that he's a terrific all-around talent.

2. The Jazz shot 35% from three. It's not a great percentage, but it's passable. And to be passable in a game you shoot 29% overall, and when the team has been shooting about 22% from three before this game ... well, progress.

3. Marv returned. It wasn't an epic return, but still he at least played. The Jazz are desperate for he and Rush to give something.

4. The Bulls had a trillion and the Jazz didn't. So there.

Three bad things

1. The Bulls shot 52%. They have been a really bad offensive team, so it was a bummer to see the Jazz defend the shots so poorly.

2. Aside from a mini-run to end the 2nd quarter, the game flow was just a continues flow of increasing Bulls lead. Not fun.

3. The offensive rebounding accomplished nothing. I don't care how many offensive rebounds you get, when you shoot 29% I say what's the point?