Honk If You Hate Corbin

We're not playing with a full roster. I mean, well, the roster is full of players but it doesn't have NBA players on it, like professionals. And I won't sit here and say that I personally would be a better coach than Tyrone Corbin because I wouldn't be.

I also don't have to pretend that George Karl has a job, or Lionel Hollins, or the very kind waiter at Applebees who may make a fine NBA coach. And neither do you.

Honk if you hate Corbin.

Personally, I live in Brooklyn and hear cars honking all the time. I also teach literature. When I hear the cars honking, I think to myself, "I know for whom the bells toll." But I'm always wrong. It's some other NBA coach getting axed, the real professionals on real professional teams that care about playing professional basketball at the professional level.

George Karl. Lionel Holins let go. Keith Smart. Alvin Gentry. The list is endless. And I won't sit here and say that all of these guys are great coaches. But there's no point in saying any of these guys aren't better than Tyrone Corbin.

Here's my issues after the 0-6 start and please keep in mind that I don't care about the W's or L's this year.

1. Jamaal Tinsey should be starting on an NBA team as much as Tyrone Corbin should be coaching one. He's killing the offense for numerous reasons. One, we struggle to shoot from the outside, something every NBA team knows. They pack in the paint, which means the focal point of our attack is gone as well. Tinsley is killing a guy like Favors who needs excessive amounts of space to work with. Secondly, Tinsley cannot shoot and he can't run an offense when his defender can guard anybody they like. Secondly, the guy simply cannot defend anybody.

2. Alec Burks is not getting his deserved burn. I think David Locke did a good job describing Burks as a wind-up toy. It's tough to watch for a little while but once he gets going, look out. Having Lucas or Tinsley get minutes before Burks is just plain stupid, which is the thematic element surrounding Coribin: Stupidity.

Burks, being the wind-up toy that he is, needs time to get going. Putting him in a position where he's the only offensive ball-handler on the court is asking him to turn it over, miss shots, etc. Because, well, he's getting "wound up." If you put him on the court with RJ and Hayward, it minimizes his responsibility and will allow him to get into a general groove of the game, perhaps limiting his turnovers and bad shots.

If Lucas was producing, fine. Give him burn. If not...well, the truest idiots are the ones who expect different results from the same strategy time and time again.

Burks deserves burn.

3. It's the little things. How about, and just for starters, you don't ask Marvin Williams to guard a guy like, say, Taj Gibson who out-manned him so horribly on every touch that at some point Corbin had to have been thinking, "Maybe this was a bad idea" and adjust accordingly. Instead, we have to watch the same idiot strategy reap the same damn idiot results.

Is there a single fan out there who believed that Marv could guard Taj? Why did Corbin then?

4. There is no adjustment in the game. None. He waits for a lineup to do something well, which sometimes takes 6-7 minutes, and then rides it just long enough to watch them flop again. NBA coaching is about adjustment when a strategy flops. Maybe Corbin simply doesn't have a back-up plan to fall on.

5. And I'm just winging this so bear with me. Is it too much to ask to see decent, strategic lineups on the floor? I mean, if I'm Tyrone Corbin, other than the fact I'd be dreaming about axes and guillotines, I might consider small things, especially with a couple guys getting healthy. Here's an idea:

Starting Lineup: Burks, Hayward, Jefferson, Favors, Kanter

Doesn't that look slightly more professional than the one we're throwing on the court night after losing night?

Rant over. Honk your horns. Chant for Burks at home games. Chant for "Fire Corbin, dun-dun, dun-dun-dun." Maybe you'll be heard. Shit is blatantly obvious and ridiculous.

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