Two bigs or Stretch 4?

Marvin has been one of the pleasant surprises this season. Coming off an achilles injury his play this year has probably saved his career and guaranteed himself a nice contract when he becomes a free agent next summer. Great for him; he seems like a really good guy.

I find it a little strange though that in some of the recent trade speculation, it is always him going to a contending team to be a backup SF or PF with range. But for us he is starter. He is a starter because he was playing well and Kanter wasn't and Ty felt the need to stretch the floor. And there has been concern Kanter and Favors can't play well together offensively or defensively.

I wonder though if this is really a good idea going forward. Some of my worst memories as a Jazz fan was watching the team get manhandled by the Lakers with Bynum, Gasol and Odom dominating Boozer, Okur, and Millsap. I thought with a future of Kanter and Favors starting we would never have to worry about that again. I guess I don't buy yet that they can't play well together. Offensively they haven't played with a real PG all year, and defensively I think it is more to do with our schemes or lack there of than their individual talents. Plus not having a PG (Lucas and Tinsley) who was even a little bit capable defensively continually caused defensive breakdowns.

I look around the league's top teams and don't see too many stretch bigs starting. Indiana (Hibbert and West), SA (Duncan and Splitter), Clippers (Jordan and Griffin), Portland (Lopez and Aldridge), OKC (Perkins and Ibaka), Memphis (Gasol and Randolph), Miami (Bosh and Haslem, not always), etc. Now these teams do have backups who can stretch the floor or move 3's to 4 as in Durant and James down the stretch. And I don't mind Williams getting major minutes off the bench but mostly at the expense of Jefferson, not Kanter, Gobert, and Evans.

Maybe Kanter and Favors can't develop into a quality tandem like these teams have but still think in the Season of Discovery they should be given an opportunity. I want to know before we have to decide on what sort of extension, if any, Kanter is offered next summer. Starting Williams at PF and playing Kanter only 14 minutes as backup C doesn't help solve that question.

Thought anyone?

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