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Utah Jazz (4-19) at Sacramento Kings (6-13) -- Game Preview

Game #24 -- Jazz (4-19) @ Sacramento Kings (6-13)
Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento, CA
8:00 pm (MT) -- TV: ROOT Sports, RADIO: 1280 AM / 97.5 FM

"You know how I know your coach is tanking?" "How?" "He's giving you playing time."
"You know how I know your coach is tanking?" "How?" "He's giving you playing time."
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Regular Season Game #24:

Utah Jazz (4-16) @ Sacramento Kings (6-13)

December Game Streams / Sactown Royalty (SBN) / Jazz vs Kings coverage

I still appreciate the Kings fans for their standing ovation for John Stockton


You may or may not have heard, but the Sacramento Kings beat us the last time we played, and that was a whole three nights ago. (Preview / Game Thread / Recap) It was an overtime loss at home, where the Jazz were outscored by 10 points in the 5 minute extra frame. Back then both teams had 4 wins. Since that time we've remained at that level; while the Kings went out and made a big trade -- and then won another game (against the Dallas Mavericks) for good measure before they could add their new players. And let's be honest, they still haven't added their new players yet because all teams in a trade can't do that until all players involved in the trade pass their physicals.

So thank Vasquez for not having to face Rudy Gay tonight. Anyway, the bottom line is that we'll know if their new guys can play by about 5 pm PST. In the meantime, if you wanted to learn more about the whole Rudy Gay + Aaron Gray + Quincy Acy for John Salmons + Greivis Vasquez + Patrick Patterson + Chuck Hayes trade you can just read this handy stream here. This totally works out in our favor tonight because last time we played Chuck Hayes beasted us, and Rudy Gay always seems to dominate us with his driving ability. Sacramento is a tough place to eek out a win, but it's possible if they are running out of juice after the trade was announced but not yet capitulated upon. While the Jazz will probably be in a fight of flight state as well, off-court things seem to rile up a group -- and the Jazz assistant coach Sidney Lowe just pleaded guilty to something something, so maybe we'll see some fight from both teams tonight?

Well, we Jazz fans hope to see some fight from our group for sure because both Marvin Williams and Derrick Favors are game time decisions for #UTAatSAC. They missed the last game between these two clubs and could have a difference I believe. Marvin is a legit NBA player who can rebound and hit the three. Favors is a potential star in the making. Both of them would probably have meant that DeMarcus Cousins wouldn't have gone off for 28 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 blocks, and 2 steals in 27 minutes. And let's be honest here, having Mad Dog Marvin and Favors back also means, implicitly, less minutes to give to Andris Biedrins (13:51) and Mike Harris (17:38). So if we can field a semi-healthy lineup and re-integrate two guys who should be starting this year we should see a much better performance from our squad.

Tonight game is a winable game despite the Jazz being 1-10 on the road this year, and a lousy 32-53 record in Sacramento all-time. For one, the Kings aren't that much better than us, and are 4-9 at home. They are missing a bunch of players that helped them win against us last time, and haven't yet replaced them with players they can use tonight either. We're out for revenge for losing in OT on our home floor. While they are on a two game win-streak and averaging 112 points per game let's not blow things out of proportion. Their defense is almost as bad as ours -- and I have to state this once again, they gave up their #4, #7, #8 MPG guys in this trade. They're weak, and shallow. Heck, Jimmer Fredette played in their last game!

And tonight calls for regicide. Well, it should call for it. I don't know if we're going to see it. DeMarcus is balling right now (against the Mavs he put up 32/19/3/3/1), Isiah Thomas is finally starting again (he put up 23 and 12 with 2 turn overs), and Derrick Williams ibn al-jafaar even had a 31 point night with 5 boards and 5 steals. Sometimes a few good players can beat a legion of average players. If we don't have Derrick Favors and Marvin Williams tonight and have to lean heavily upon a bunch of vets on expiring deals we are going to battle with a legion of average players.

I suspect a win tonight if we're healthy. We need to control the defensive glass, and counter attack in transition. I hope we can do it. This franchise can't lose TWICE to the Kings in the same month can they? We had to suffer through two losses to the Phoenix Suns last month!