Tyrone Corbin: Magnificent Unicorn Creator #2

Because I wrote more than usual for one of the games this week (Monday's) I decided that I'd break this week in to two. I posted some pregame on Monday, during halftime, and during the game, as well as after the game. I think I am going to limit myself to only post game posts for now, unless something really hilarious comes up in my mind. For now, here are Monday's and Wednesday's posts! Hope you enjoy them.

Here are Monday's posts for the game against Portland, the Jazz lost 105-94.

Trey Burke is dressed in his warm-ups shooting before the game, Corbin whistles for him to join him on the bench.

"Yeah Coach?" asked Trey as he bent over, his hands on his knees as he hung over the sitting Corbin.

"Hey man, have you seen my markers?" asked Corbin. "I left them on the bench after last game, and all I have here is black and red. Where are the blue, yellow, pink, green, and purple markers?"

"I don’t know Coach," said Trey who was biting his shirt. "I could go find them for you, maybe they are in the locker room."

"Na, send Favs," said Ty. "He’s taller, so maybe he will be able to see on top of the cabinets and stuff."

"Alright," said Trey. He then walked over to Favors and told him his assignment. Trey shrugged as Favors disappeared in to the tunnel and went to hunt for Corbin’s lost markers seconds before tip off.

The team sits in the locker room during halftime.

"Trey, did you tell Favs to find my markers?" asked Corbin, not in a good mood.

"Yeah Coach, I did," said Trey.

"Then where is he? I still only have red and black!" yelled Corbin. He then pointed at the half-drawn unicorn on his clipboard. "Do you know how hard it is to color a unicorn with only two colors?"

All of the players stared at the floor, not wanting to look Corbin in the eyes.

"It sure isn’t easy!" yelled Corbin. "How do I draw a rainbow on it’s belly with only a black and red marker!?"

Corbin then threw the markers across the room, the cap popped off the red one and rolled under Kanter’s locker cabinet. Favors then entered the room, he had a small Wal-Mart bag in his hand. "I’m back coach," said Favors. He then handed the back to Tyrone.

Tyrone took the back and looked inside. There was a box of new whiteboard markers inside of it, which Corbin pulled out. He opened the box and looked at the markers, there were a few colors: red, black, blue, green, brown, purple, and yellow. Corbin held the markers in his hand for a moment, then looked up at Favors. "But there is no pink, I need pink Favs."

Corbin was yelling again, and the players were avoiding eye contact. "Find my pink marker," said Corbin, his finger placed on Favors chest.

The horn then sounded and the players all got up and left the locker room. Favors bent down and started looking under the cabinets as Corbin pulled out the blue marker and started coloring on his clipboard. Slowly Corbin walked out of the locker room and back on to the court, his tongue between his teeth as he concentrated on his unicorn.

Tyrone Corbin feels a buzz in his coat pocket during the fourth quarter.

Pulling out his phone, he sees that it is from Dennis Lindsey. The text reads: "Ty, put Alec on the Bench or I will head down to your office with a-"

His phone buzzes again. "(2/2) white board eraser and I will go to town."

Tyrone panics and subs him out.

Dennis Lindsey stands outside Tyrone Corbin’s office once again and knocks.

"Come in," said Corbin from within the room. Dennis twisted the doorknob and pushed it open.

Inside the unicorn drawing plastered room sat Tyrone Corbin at his desk, coloring in the head of a black and red unicorn. To Tyrone’s right was Sidney Lowe, who was drawing his own picture on a small whiteboard, it was a picture of a rather happy looking dragon. Tyrone pointed at Sidney’s picture, and said: "Wow, you did a great job on that tail. Beautiful marker strokes."

"Well, it is nothing compared to your unicorn’s-" said Sidney, who was interrupted by Dennis Lindsey who was clearing his throat.

"Leave, please," said Dennis, smiling at Sidney Lowe. Sidney then gathered his markers and his whiteboard and left the room. "So, that was a close one Ty."

Ty was concentrating on his unicorn drawing, and didn’t seem to hear what Dennis had said. Dennis sat quietly, staring at Ty. He then reached in to his suit coat pocket and pulled out a large whiteboard eraser. He then placed it on the table right above Ty’s whiteboard so he could see it clearly. Ty then looked up at Dennis, his eyes wide with fear.

"No," said Ty. "Please Dennis, I did what you said, I subbed Alec out of the game."

"I know you did," said Dennis. "And I’m happy you did. Just remember that my friend the eraser loves the taste of unicorns, and he is hungry."

Tyrone swallowed hard and pulled on his collar. Sweat began to bead on his forehead and run down his cheek. Dennis then spoke, and said: "Oh lighten up, Ty. Just make sure we lose. A lot." Dennis then stood up, and pulled another object from his jacket. A pink whiteboard marker. He then picked up the eraser and put the marker in its place. "I found this in the arena, I heard you missed it."
Ty picked up the marker and smiled. As Dennis left Ty’s office, he could hear Ty say "thanks". Closing the door quietly behind him, Dennis smiled and walked away.

And finally, here is the post after the Jazz's blowout win against Sacramento, 122-101

Ty Corbin and Sidney Lowe huddle together in the tunnels of the Sleep Train Arena.

Tyrone Corbin holds his clipboard, a golden unicorn nearly finished on its surface. "You know, I think I’m getting better at this whole drawing thing," said Tyrone, his tongue dancing around the outside of his teeth. "But I can still get better. Like look, this tail is alright, but it could be better."

Sidney Lowe looked over at Tyrone’s drawing to look at the tail. "I think it’s great, Ty," said Sidney. "It’s a lot better than my dragon’s tail." Sidney frowned as he looked at the picture on his own clipboard, it was a fat and sloppily drawn dragon that had blue and green spikes on its back.

"Yeah," said Ty. "Your tail does suck. But you’ll continue to get better as you keep drawing. I used to suck, then I got better."

Sidney sighed as he erased part of his dragon’s tail and pulled the cap off of a brown whiteboard marker. Suddenly a noise could be heard from a nearby closet, it sounded like metal clinking around and hitting the ground. Ty and Sidney stared at the closet, wondering what could be inside. The metal sounds grew louder and louder until the door suddenly opened.

Ty smiled as he saw Craig Bolerjack who was holding a strait jacket and a bunch of chains. "HOUDINI!" yelled Bolerjack as he ran away clutching the chains and strait jacket tightly in his arms.

Ty and Sidney both started laughing at this as they started heading toward the bus. Ty’s coat pocket then started buzzing and his face dropped. Dennis Lindsey’s name appeared on its face, and Ty’s hands trembled as he flipped it open and said: "Hello?"

"What the hell was that, Ty?" came Dennis’ voice, filtered through the phone speaker. "You didn’t put Lucas in until the 4:17 mark in the fourth quarter? What was that?"

Ty swallowed and said nothing, so Dennis continued. "And Andris… A DNP? You’re lucky your office is locked, Ty. All of your friends would be gone."

"But Dennis," said Ty, walking away from Sidney back toward the closet that Bolerjack had emerged from. "It wasn’t completely my fault. Jefferson went off, like twenty points. How am I supposed to control that?"

"True," said Dennis, his voice calmer. "You know, it isn’t so bad. We technically can win sometimes. I just wish you wouldn’t have beaten the Kings."

"So, you wont erase my unicorns?" asked Ty.

"No, I suppose not. I’ve got to run, I have some calls to make. Talk with you in the morning."

With that, Tyrone gave a sigh of relief and put his phone in his pocket. He then lifted up his clipboard and stared at his unicorn, and with his forefinger pretended to stroke its golden mane. Once he was calm, he lifted his head and joined Sidney to board the bus.

So there you have it! Let me know what you think in the comments. What parts did you like? What was funniest to you? Would you like to see more things such as Boler's cameo appearance? Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you like what I come up with in the future!

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