Do the Jazz already have their Big Three?

In light of the recent play of the Jazz, where the starting unit has been looking like a potential playoff team in the future, do the Jazz currently have a big 3 on their roster? San Antonio, has the big three of Duncan, Parker and Ginobili. I am excited to see how the Jazz match up with them tonight. Of course I am talking about the Jazz big three of Favors, Burke and Hayward who have recently teamed with Jefferson and Marvin to provide a lethal starting unit from a scoring stand point over the past few games. Jazz fans should be excited about the teams recent play and a big win over a potential playoff team (Denver) on the road last game.

Favors, as a big man, may have the biggest leap to catch up to Duncan in the above scenario. Duncan, coming into the league at about the same age as Favors is now, averaged around 21 and 12 at age of 21. Due to Favors not getting a lot of playing time his first couple of years in the league, he is way behind Duncan offensively. However, he seems to be warming up to the task with a recent jump in his shooting range and ever developing post moves. Certainly, Favors has all-star ability although a hall of fame type career is a long way off at this point.

Trey already looks like he could be a Parker type player already in his first year, even though his game is more like Chris Paul at this point. Parker averaged 9.2 pts and 4.3 ast at age 19 in his first season and 15.5pts and 5.3 ast at age 20 in his second. Parker averaged 2.6 rebounds in his first and second years as well. Those are numbers that Trey should be close to moving forward. Trey probably has a better feel for the game at this point than Parker did coming into the league. Parker had a penchant for getting under coach Popovich skin in the early years for making dumb plays and poor decisions.

Of the above big three for San Antonio, Hayward, despite his lack of experience in the league and young age seems to have passed Manu's numbers ahead of schedule. Manu in his second year in the league averaged 12.8 pts. 4.5 rbs and 3.8 ast at age 27. Manu has been a main contributor off the bench for the Spurs although he has been moved to the starting unit from time to time in the playoffs as needed. Ginobili's best year was probably at age 30 when he averaged close to 20, 5 and 5. Hayward already reminds me of a bigger version of Ginobili in his all around play. Hayward can rack up a number of points, assists and rebounds as needed on a game by game basis much like Ginobili did for San Antonio.

With DL coming over from the Spurs, I thought it was an interesting comparison of our three best players to San Antonio's Big 3 at this stage of their careers. Favors much like Duncan could be in the forever discussion of what position does he play power forward or a center? With a few more pieces, a hall of fame type coach and some experience. It will be interesting to see how Favors, Hayward and Trey progress going forward. Jazz fans should be excited about the future assuming they can lock these three players for the next several years. Lets see how tonight's game plays out as these players match up with one another during the game. Go Jazz!

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