The C&G report (Clark and Gobert)



So today marked Gobert and Clark's first D-League game. They faced off against the Reno Bighorns (AKA Sac Kings D-League). You can watch the full match and get the box score here:


Gobert: 7-10 shooting (2-4FT), 16 points, 14 rebounds (9O,5D), 1 stl, 1TO, 6BS, 3 Fouls (32.5Mins)
Clark: 5-16 shooting (2-6 from 3PT, 2-3FT), 14 points, 6 rebounds (0O, 6D), 1stl, 2TO, 1 Foul (38.5Mins)

Three Positives: Gobert

  1. Block Shots. 6, yes, 6, blocks against the Bighorns. This led to basically no inside shots when Gobert was on the field, crazy performance.
  2. Offensive Rebounds. 9 in total, and those rebounds usually turned into points. When Bakersfield missed a jumpshot, it seemed that Gobert was always there to collect the Offensive Rebound.
  3. Help Defense. Gobert was collapsing ever time there was a drive to the paint, helping change or block shots. When the Bighorns tried to take him out of the equation by playing high P&R, Gobert smartly ignored the Bigman doing the pick and collapsed anyway. Great to see he not only has the tools to be great (like Fes), but he also has the brains to play great (unlike Fes, Javale).

Three Negatives: Gobert

  1. Defensive Rebounds. Not so on the uncontested ones (obviously) but when contested he couldn't hold on to the ball and was often boxed out. He still got 5, but from a 7'2 Bigman with a 9'7 standing reach, you expect better.
  2. Strength. It continues to be a issue as Gobert failed to make anything happen during post up situations and when rebounding, gets pushed around and is unable to make a impact.
  3. Pick and Roll. It's not really a negative, and it could be down to the team, but Gobert did not run the Pick and Roll as often as i like, which is what he usually does in Jazz games. Because of his inability to post up, Gobert's points has to come from garbage buckets or the P&R. Needs to do more of them to score more points.

Three Positives: Clark

  1. Getting it in the paint. Clark is a very quick SG, and when he drives in the paint good things happen. Sure, he did get blocked once or twice, but he needs to do that more often, especially when his jumper isn't falling.
  2. Turning it around. Clark shot 1-6 from the field in the first half, and 4-10 in the second (he had 4-7 in 3rd Quarter, 0-3 4th). He showed composure to turn things around when the shot wasn't falling in the first half, and was rewarded with countless points in the 3rd Quarter.
  3. 2 man game. I like it when Clark initiates a P&R with Gobert, as not only does it help build chemistry within them, it also gets Gobert (and Clark) more opportunities to score an easy basket.

Three Negatives: Clark

  1. Forcing the issue. I see Clark forcing the issue and taking bad shot quite a few times in the game, and that was what contributed to his bad shooting. He needs to learn to take better shots.
  2. Missing the wide open shot. Clark missed quite a few wide open 3s, and he is suppose to be a 3pt specialist, so this is a source of concern. Hopefully he can get out of this slump soon.
  3. Left out of play. Many times during the offense he seems to be watching instead of rotating. Maybe this is to do with the team again, but when you don't move, you're not going to get open.

Interesting stats

Combined, C&G scored 30 points, had 20 rebounds and 2 steals. So basically averaging a double-double (15pts, 10 rebs). That makes a huge difference in a game.

Gobert was a difference maker, and i have no idea why the coach kept subbing him out. The bighorns basically assaulted the paint when he was out, and got rewarded with a big run in the 4th. However, back to Gobert, that impact that he made was impressive and definitely noted.

Bottom Line

It was their first game in the D-League, so i think over the next few games they will improve. However, i feel the performance by both of them was very impressive, so i look forward to watching the next few games they play in. And Gobert is definitely better than Beans, Harris or both of them combined. Just like Clark is better than JL3.

Authors note

FIRST EVER FANPOST! I never knew how hard it is to write a post game report. Now i know. So thank you to Amar, Diana, Shums, Spencer,Moni and Yuccaman (and whoever else write those reports, oh yeah Prodigy Punk) for giving in your time and writing them. And of course thank you Bitoko for writing the magnificent unicorn creator after ever game :) :P . Hope this was good enough of a report.

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