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The Downbeat #1228: The Enes Kanter Might Be Grounded Edition

Enes may need time time to sit and think. Richard Jefferson has no loyalty. Trey Burke is rising in rookie rankings. Al Jefferson's team is top 3 in defense and John Stockton is a good player.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Randy Rigby shared some interesting thoughts in his weekly interview with 1280 the Zone. (via moni)

If this is a season of development, should Enes Kanter be getting more minutes?

Sometimes, with our own families, and with individuals, we can teach ‘em in the game of life out there, and sometimes you also want to, I don’t want to say "penalize" ‘em, or, you know, "ground" your kids. But sometimes, you also send life’s lessons by also making ‘em realize that they have to sit and think about their consequences, and maybe get their attention a little more.

So there we go. Kanter is grounded. You know that goes against what Dennis Lindsey said about Ty last February but oh well. If Kanter needs to sit and think then who are we to argue.

It’s impossible, guys, he’s too good of a man, to have a doghouse. And literally, every one of our guys, even the young players that get squeezed at time with minutes, you know, he sees their abilities relative to the glass is half-full. And I know for sure the Miller family, Randy Rigby, Bob Hyde, you know, Kevin O’Connor, and I really appreciate that.

Richard Jefferson on Sirius Radio also had some interesting things to say yesterday. Jefferson said that he has no loyalty and his a gun for hire. Jefferson said he is chasing a championship ring and feels like he can help a team for two or three more years. (via Jody Genessy)

"If I get an opportunity to play for a championship team, I’m going to go hunting for them," he said. "I have no loyalty. I’m not one of those guys that plays for the same team for 15 years like a Reggie Miller that has to decide whether or not he’s going to go do that. No, I’m a gun for hire."

"I’m fortunate where I feel like I have two or three years where I can compete on a daily basis. … I feel like I can contribute," Jefferson said. "I’m in my contract year … so I’m going to go championship hunting. I want to play for a championship team."

Dennis Lindsey last week said the Jazz owe a lot to Richard Jefferson. I can’t tell from Jefferson’s comments if it is reciprocated. Its hard to tell tone and intent when you just read a quote and don't actually hear it. I think that Ty personally doesn’t care about what Jefferson said nor will it influence Jefferson's playing time. I mean look at all the players that have been favored by Ty that were not in the long term plans of the Jazz, Josh Howard, Raja Bell, Randy Foye, Mo Williams, Earl Watson, and last year DeMarre Carroll, Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson.

Carlos Boozer got crucified by the local media when he went on his 2009 FA Tour while he was playing with the Jazz, I don’t think Jefferson will receive the Boozer treatment.

Sheridan Hoops put Trey Burke as #1 in their Rookie Rankings.

A couple weeks ago I gushed and gushed over Trey Burke. I am now starting to feel like the Jazz have their future star and the leader they have been looking for the past four years.

The Jazz will take on the Atlanta Hawks tonight, some people like to call the Hawks the Jazz of the Southeast. The Hawks, in case you didn’t know, have three former Jazz players, Paul Millsap, DeMarre Carroll and Kyle Korver. On Saturday the Jazz will play Al Jefferson and the Charlotte Bobcats.

Here is a great article on SB Nation about Al Jefferson and the Bobcats:

Al on defense: (BTW the Charlotte Bobcats are the third best defensive team in the league)

It's you guys on the floor doing the work, but how much credit do you give Steve Clifford's schemes for your success on that end?

He gets all the credit, in my opinion. Well, I'll say 90 percent because the 10 percent, we gotta go out there and do. But Coach is the one who planted the seed. When I first got here, even when I came on my visit to come to Charlotte and I was thinking about it, he made it very clear then that this was going to be a defensive-minded team. I've always been criticized for my defense and he's the one who told me that I'm really not a bad defensive player and gave me that confidence. He's the one who planted the seed, he's the one who came from a defensive-minded program in the years he's been in the league. He teaches real well, we just gotta go out there and do it.

Al on Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter:

You still keeping your eye on Derrick Favors and Big Turkey [Enes Kanter]?

Oh yeah, man. I watch Utah games, I keep up with my guys. Them guys, they're like little brothers to me. I keep up with ‘em. Matter of fact, I get a chance to play ‘em twice in the next two weeks. I'm looking forward to that, too, ‘cause Big Turkey always says he can stop me. So I'm gonna see where he's gonna be at.

Never Forget:

Here is an awesome video of John Stockton. Check out the nice shot of young Karl Malone at 5:57 into the video. We lost that game and series but the basketball sure was pretty.

And here just for kicks his John Stockton's career high assist highlights: