The Bafflement Report: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Edition

At the beginning of this season, I set out to do the Bafflement Report, a non-game-by-game write-up of what baffles me about this team--the good, the bad, the ugly.

Boy, have I been slacking as of recently.

However, I'm turning over a new leaf here and now and most likely for only today where not slacking on the Bafflement Report is a better option than not slacking on my to-do, maybe-I-should-buy-Christmas-presents list.

Here we go.

The Good

One of the first editions I wrote was on Alec Burks. I was wrong. Thank God I use a pseudonym on this site and don't have to use those three simple words with anybody that actually knows me. That would be embarrassing.

Alec Burks is good. Somewhere between the first 10-or-so games of the season and now he's transformed his game into a working, reliable cog in the tank-moves-forward machine. He's surprised me with his decision making, although at times he returns to old form, with his finishes at the rim, and with the newly found arc on his jumpshot.

I'm impressed. And I really, really have to give it to him for finding a way to be productive on the court on a nightly basis. If his jumpshot becomes reliable, because it's still not, he could be a solid role player in this league and maybe even more.

The other good here is that we haven't seen John Lucas da Turd recently. He played last night in Hotlanta for a brief stint. I'm fine with that.

The Bad

Sending Rudy Gobert to the D-League is ridiculous. It's good for him because he's finally getting minutes. But the point here is that he should have been getting consistent minutes the whole time. I didn't see him making mistakes that warranted him being benched or sent down. It's stupid in the original 3-D plan, which I think we all now know were lies.

The 3-D plan has been reduced to Deficient decision making, Dumb rotational approach, and Dicking the fans around with language manipulation that would make Orwell's Napoleon and Squealer blush.

Also here on the bad has been the short-corner three. If you've read anything I write, you also know that I don't use statistics to back up anything that I say. Take for that what you will because my eye-ball test is as flawed as any other measurement in all of sports.

We're giving up 100 short-corner threes a game. In Miami, we must have given up more than that. For some reason the help defense is still coming from the ball side of the floor. We're begging the ball-handler to suck us into him so he can make a 5-foot pass to open shooters instead of having the help-d come from the weak side where the ball-handler has to throw a cross-court pass. This is either by design from the coaching staff or the players not doing what the coaching staff has told them. Either way, giving up that shot is always baffling.

The Ugly

There was some dissent here on SLC Dunk a few days ago regarding some fans feeling they are being told something they don't want to do: Go to Games.

This turned into a ridiculous economic conversation about supporting the hot dog stand lady, giving money to a brass that doesn't care about the product on their floor, and driving hundreds of miles to see their team blown out in silly fashion.

I honestly don't care where you sit on the Go/Don't Go to games bit. The point is that we're all fans of this team, even if we're not fans of how the squad (that isn't ours to run) is being handled.

This is a season of losing and for the first time all year it brought out the worst in us. The conversation changed from the point of frustration to pointing fingers at one another's approaches. Shameless shit, ladies and gentlemen.

I think there's truth in all the arguments that I read. However, we all have to realize that our perspectives our limited and in some cave written by Plato a couple thousand years ago. I don't think we're staring at shadows necessarily, unless we're drawing up unicorns and dragons in the post-game, but I do believe that when it comes to understanding the limited perspective of another, we're calling shadows objects.

We may not understand each other's perspectives fully and I think that's fine because it's bred some great debates on SLC Dunk about basketball. But when it turns into whatever happened earlier this week, we've let the losing get the best of us when we knew losing was coming.

Cheer up. We still have Biedrins.

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