How do Fans Feel About the Current State of the Jazz?

The Jazz will reach the half way point of the season around the middle of January. What is everyone thinking at this point of the season? Are the Jazz winning too many games? Playing the Veterans too many minutes? Have fans completely checked out or are they getting even more excited about the future? I enjoy visiting SLC Dunk, I also enjoy listening to various Jazz Podcasts: Ben Anderson and Tony Jones at 1320 KFAN, Locke, and Spencer Campbell and co. on this site. Everyone has an opinion, for me watching the Jazz get killed like they did at the beginning of the season was rough. It was hard to be a fan when you are losing by 30 points going into the 4th quarter.

Recently, I have become even more conflicted as the Jazz have been winning more and more. I find myself going back and forth like a tennis ball during games, wanting to win which is more my competitive nature and wanting the Jazz to lose in order to get a top draft pick in a loaded draft. (There are a number of top draftees who I think would stay in SLC long term due to their back ground) Can the Jazz win just enough to keep fans excited? what is your number?

This team could look a lot different next year. The Jazz can't keep everyone they have drafted in the fold. Someone is going to have to be moved or unsigned. I personally have become a big Rudy Gobert fan. If Favors offense continues to improve to the point where he can hit a consistent outside shot, then Rudy is my guy to pair with Favors long term. That means that Kanter is expendable in my mind. I like Burks, however, I only would want to keep two way players going forward long term which means that his defense needs to improve by the end of next year.

As of today, who would fans build around and who would fans trade? How many games should the Jazz try and win? How satisfied are fans with this team and how things are going so far this season? I would ask about the current Jazz coach, however, I know what most fans on this site think about Tyrone. If you were the GM what would you do going forward?

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