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The Downbeat #1236 - The Holidays are Scressful Edition

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know about the rest of you Dunkers, but the Holidays thus far, have worn me out. Its been the NBA equivalent of a 5 game Eastern Conference road swing for me. Between family and work (Retail life. Amirite, MyLo?) I have caught bits of the Grizzlies game, the replay of the Lakers game, and followed the Clippers game on Twitter and the Gametime app (due to ma dukes having the horrible, insidious, terrible DirectTV and not knowing she needed a "sports package" to get Root Sports).

Anyone have any fun or equally chaotic stories about the games during the last week?

This came on the Jazz's Instagram, after the Lakers win, and I thought it was awesome:

Its spliced together from two different fans that were at the game. Very cool. Bravo Zulu, Jazz social media guy.

Can we PLEASE ensure that no one is calling or ever calls Trey by the moniker TB3?

There was some good discussion here on SLC Dunk about that rumor of the proposed change to the lottery system, known as "The Wheel". If you missed the proposal by Tom Ziller, you need to see it. Its brilliant. Its known simply as THE CONES OF SILVERSHIRE

The BigAlCats are in town tonight. The game in Charlotte was surprisingly fun, though they won't be a big draw at ESA. Anyone going? I have tickets, but alas, Retail Life strikes again.