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The Starters Need A Nickname For Burke & Burks

Can SLCDunk help The Starters?

SLCDunkers, these men need our help.
SLCDunkers, these men need our help.

Yesterday on NBAtv's The Starters talked about Utah's most recent win.  But The Starters, J.E. Skeets, Tas Melas, Leigh Ellis, and Trey Kerby need our help.  What do they call the Burke & Burks Backcourt?

They talk about it here.  Skip to the 24:20 mark in it.

J.E. Skeets: And look, we're throwing out nicknames today with the Lavender Cowboy for Jimmy Butler.  I think there has to be something in the works for Burke and Burks!  I mean there's something there.  You guys are smarter than [Tas Melas] and I.

We can do this SLCDunkers.  If the Burk(e)s get a nickname it should come from one of us.  How would you feel if the Houston Rockets named our backcourt of Trey Burke the King of Jazzland and Sir Alec Burks of Swaggington without our consent?  We must step up.

Comment below what you think it should be and tweet at the @JeSkeets @TasMelas @TreyKerby and @LeighEllis with the hashtag #TheStarters and #NameTheBurkes.  Lets get them their proper nickname.