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Jazz fall to Kings, losing continues

Ugh. I haven't had Recap Duty for a single winning game this year. Jazz display lack of urgency in OT loss to Kings, 112-102.

When this is the winning coach, you know it was ugly.
When this is the winning coach, you know it was ugly.
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

I do not understand this team.

I'm watching the overtime right now. The Jazz are down by six with about a minute left. For whatever reason they decide to have Alec Burks bring the ball up instead of Trey Burke. He kinda jobs up. Then he waits up top for the screen. Biedrins starts walking. Alec waves him "Hurry! Hurry!" Biedrins doesn't seem to notice.

And I'm simply baffled.

Where is the urgency?

You're down six! Less than a minute left! Winning is going to take a string of lucky breaks, but you're only going to get them if you hurry!

And why, out of the blue, is the game plan suddenly to have Burks run the offense as if he's the point guard? In crunch time, when we need a score ... and we don't initiate the offense with the team's best playmaker?

I do not understand this team.

Have they given up? Was it too deflating to have Kanter get disqualified because Boogie flops like a soggy banana? I have no idea.

* * *

I'm definitely not a tank fan. I want the team to win as much as possible, so I don't get excited about losing to the other worst team in the West.

And looking back in the OT, there's really not tons to complain about. Mostly only Alec's long two early in the OT. Beyond that we had a couple okay 3PA, a couple open jumpers I've seen Kanter hit plenty before, a couple shots with Alec and Trey driving into the paint. So it wasn't a complete brain freeze ... they simply couldn't convert them into points right then.

But I had no idea what was going on in everybody's head during that last minute.

* * *

I guess it could be worse, though:

Three Things that Went Well

  1. Trey nearly had a triple-double.
  2. OT excepted, the team's offense still looks much better than even three weeks ago.
  3. We got to see Biedrins shoot six ... SIX ... free throws! Come on ... always entertaining

Three things that Went Poorly

  1. Trey and Gordo combined to shoot 11-36. At least that's over 30%.
  2. We lost to the freaking Kings. At home. Ugh.
  3. Even worse, Boogie Cousins killed us. I hate that guy.