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The Downbeat #1218 - The Tough Times Edition

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Well, after two rather disheartening losses, the Jazz are back in tanking... er player development form.

Bill and Jalen give the Jazz their just deserts (6:50 mark)

More on the Sacramento game: It just felt like [kind of literally] the perfect storm. It had loss written all over it. The winter storm that night kept at home the 200 additional fans that would have showed up to watch this match between basketball titans. The arena was empty. The fans that showed up were lethargic or worried about catching a glimpse of St. Jimmer. Favors stayed at home, too.

In all seriousness that last part was the difference maker. Hard to believe that Boogie goes off for 28 pts on 10-15 shooting if Favors is there to bother him with his size and length [edited for #UDQM] long arms.

Still no word on whether he will play tonight, or not.

Anyone have a hypothesis as to what is wrong with Enes? The Turkish brute is going through some major growing pains right now, and unfortunately, they're not the kind that will make him taller. He's had a major setback thus far this season and the only observable explanation is the higher level competition he's facing off against.

I fear that if he doesn't have a turnaround game, he may fall into the Biedrins zone.

We missed it last week, and look for an update in a few days, but Trey Burke is up to number 3 in the "Rookie Ladder". He has shot up the ranking since his return, and is one of the bright spots in an otherwise underwhelming rookie class. Seriously. Look at the performances by the rookies for this year and it is rather uninspiring. Aside from MCW, Oladipo, and Burke there have been flashes from McLemore, but that's about it. Probably not too many future All-Stars in this class.

No preaching this week. I've been too busy with finals to have something grind my gears. I will say this, though. If you have the time and a few bucks,


We have to show the organization that we are ready to support it through this decision to improve the future of the franchise, and if you're reading this, you're one of the fans that has to lead the way.