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NBA Trade Rumors: Arizona Republic's Paul Coro indicates Suns interest in Jazz Al Jefferson, Gordon Hayward

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Streeter Lecka

Paul Coro (@PaulCoro ) writes about the Phoenix Suns for a number of places and knows his stuff. In a recent article posted about Suns trade rumors at he indicated that the Suns have interest in a number of players. Apparently the Suns are okay with jettisoning Jared Dudley, but fear landing Utah Jazz center Al Jefferson may also involve sending back Marcin Gortat. That may be too steep a price. The Suns also like Gordon Hayward, but who outside of the Indiana Pacers do not?

Anyway, the original article is here ("Reports of deadline steals swirl about Suns"); however, the much more sophisticated blog post about it by the SB Nation mothership should be read here. (The SB Nation post also includes more first hand data and opinions from non-Arizona basketball heads weighing in on things, like ESPN's Ric Bucher . . . who is always a fan favorite here in Utah.) (It must be noted that Ric Bucher was the guy who broke the Randy Foye free agent signing as well, so, food for thought.)