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NBA Dunk Contest: Jazz Jeremy Evans finishes second

Ronald Martinez

So . . . the dunk contest happened last night, and spoilers, we lost. The East was represented by the New York Knicks James White, the Indiana Pacers Gerald Green, and the Toronto Raptors Terrence Ross. The West was represented by the Denver Nuggets Kenneth Faried, Los Angeles Clippers Eric Bledsoe, and the Utah Jazz ' own Jeremy Evans.

All the dunks can be seen here (nice vid, don't know how long it'll stay up before YouTube is forced to remove it).

The Final was Ross and Evans, and Ross won. Jeremy had some good stuff, was the most consistent -- but I wish he did more actual DUNKING, and less gimmick stuff. Dude can reach 12'8 (he did that during the summer during training at P3). Jumping over stationary objects isn't getting it done. I really don't think he's asked to participate next year -- unless he actually gets playing time (something Karl Malone advocates for), and starts dunking again.

And well, I predicted that it would be Ross over Evans: Feb 14th, at TBJ. So either I can see the future, or I can determine the future. In both cases I wish Evans won last night. I do think that he is capable of performing better dunks than he did. Let's be honest here -- we love him. We know he can sky. But we should also admit that his dunks are derivative and he needs more creativity. I have no doubt that he can physically do the jams the other guys did. I just doubt the people helping him -- Ross had Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan helping him -- they've all BEEN in the dunk contest before. Who was helping Jeremy? Matt Harpring?

Still, bravo Jeremy. You represented the Western Conference, your team, and all of us Jazz fans very well last night. We're proud of you. I'd love to see you get a 3rd chance to participate down the line, I know you can win it again.