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The Downbeat #971 - Are These Even Numbered Right Anymore?

The Jazz smacked the W's in the mouth last night and tied them in the standings. Hand down, man down and whatnot. Trade winds have quieted.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

After a lot of sitting on the BART and wandering around an unknown city, I got to see the last five minutes of the game, and it was glorious. Al got anything he wanted, Hayward didn't miss a beat, and Burks' has swagger so impressive. All in all, the guys looked great during a potentially damaging post-break trap game. Even our Evans and Murphy got some burn. Good times were had by all, except for Mark Jackson and the droves of Warriors fans that are developing ulcers. The Dubs have now dropped 6 in a row.

In case you didn't hear or go on Twitter yesterday, the Jazz gave their season ticket holders waffle irons with the Jazz logo. This is beyond amazing to me. I love waffles. I love the Jazz. Why would I not want to have a marriage of the two. If ever there was a chance to see a deity's face in a breakfast dish, am I right?

This morning, Ben Golliver over at SI's NBA Point Forward, weighed in on the Jazz's situation in a trade deadline post:

I’ve been on record since December in saying that the Jazz should be pushing to move Al Jefferson before the deadline, and I remain convinced that ditching Jefferson and keeping Millsap is the best course of action for Utah at this stage.

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise as most of the national writer's/ bloggers share his sentiment. You can find the rest of the article here. Its a good read. Filled with logic and rational opinions. Golliver is one of the best.

Other than speculation though, the trade scuttlebutt involving the Jazz has essentially dried up. There may be the occasional nonsense to get page clicks (I'm looking at you Sheridan), but that's about it. Do you want to know what that means?

I do too.

I seriously have no idea what to expect. There have been fantastic cases made for both sides of the argument over whether the Jazz should stand pat or make a deal. What we can count on is if something does happen, we'll probably be blindsided. We'll also get our first glimpse into how things work in the DL era.

Not surprisingly, or rather not probable, Rajon Rondo is supposedly "available". Rondo or Bledsoe? Discuss.

Note: I don't buy any of the Rondo's attitude nonsense. He's bristly. So was DWill. Also, lest you forget and let history smooth things over, John Stockton was kind of a dick, too. That just means to me that they have competitive fire. I like that and the team needs more of it. I'm tired of all the nice guys.

I'm out *Kanter style mic drop*