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NBA Trade Rumors: Jazz bigmen Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap and the fan's Sophie's choice


The clock is ticking. If a move is going to be made, it's being made right now. Every big media outlet has gone out there and talked about who we need to move. Some say the Utah Jazz will find more takers for Paul Millsap; others say that he's versatility is something we should retain. On the other hand, Al Jefferson is a proven bigman with a legitimate skill, a skill that is in high demand in this watered down era of scoring bigmen. All teams should endeavor to have someone like him.

As Jazz fans we've tried out the whole #TeamJefferson vs #TeamMillsap thing a bit. But more than that, we have enjoyed them together. The coaching staff have done the same thing over the last three seasons. We like our players, we like our team. And it seems like our players like each other too.

But the clock is ticking. As a fan, proverbial red trade telephone ringing off the hook . . . you gotta make a choice right now. Who do you keep? Who do you let go?


via Moni's excellent blog:

No stats in this post. No number of minutes, games, and playoff series listed. No number of all the buckets of sweat poured. No list of attributes, qualities, or metrics. Not even a funny joke third option in this poll.