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Utah Jazz Trade Deadline Jazzy Jam Session Part 2: Who are you most likely trying to target? Which player are you likely trying to move?

Participants: Moni, Basketball John, Kyle K, Yucca Man, UtesFan89, Clark, Andy, Spencer, Peter, and Amar

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Okay Jazz faneroos, the trade deadline is nigh! As a result, we all have worried and concerns for what's happening. What's the best way to deal with that? Yes, to hide under some coats and hope everything works out in the end. But we're Utah Jazz fans, and as a result, we will do more than the bare minimum in a time of crisis and discord! We held a Jazzy Jam Session around three simple questions. Not everyone got a chance to voice their opinions, but we did get responses from quite a few Jazz fans who write here. They are listed above, and you may or may not interact with any of them outside of this blog proper; however, I think this is a mostly representative sample of Jazz fans. Without further preamble, here's Question 2!


"Who are you most likely trying to target to bring in (player / position / play style)? Which player are you most likely trying to move (player / position / play style)?"

Moni: Need a serviceable point guard.


BBJ: I think it's pretty obvious that if the Jazz make a deal, they bring in a young PG or an All-star wing.


Kyle: I'd be looking for a young PG, obviously. But I'd also keep my eye out for a capable big man to bring off the bench (not this year). The Jazz have tremendous talent throughout their first four bigs, but that's the problem, they only have 4. And that could quickly shrink to 3 depending on what happens with Paul and Al. If I'm planning on starting next season with 3 of Favors/Kanter/Jefferson/Paul then I better start looking for a fourth, and maybe even a fifth big.


Yucca: I'd trade Ty Corbin for Gregg Popovich. [Amar taps his fingers on his desk and sighs.]

2 (for reals). I'd be extremely active.

  • a) I'd trade Al Jefferson for the best offer. The Jazz biggest problem is defense. This changes that instantly. Favors is ready to start and Kanter's ready for at least 25 minutes per game. Let them do their thing.
  • b) I'd investigate trading Marvin Williams. He has seriously brought virtually nothing to the Jazz. I don't know what demand there is for him, though.
  • c) I'd only do a Millsap trade for a slam dunk ... like for Eric Bledsoe.
  • d) I'd ask around regarding Foye. I'm genuinely curious about what teams would offer for him. But I would probably keep him unless something crazy good happens.

UtesFan89: This question pretty much asks me "why would you never be a good GM?" so I shall respond as such. ... A "PG of the future" candidate. Be it Eric Bledsoe or a pick that can turn into Marcus Smart or someone else. Or maybe just deal with Minnesota and try and pick up a first rounder that they're dangling. We have nothing they want, but we can offer Al Jefferson. I'm sure something can be worked out if we try hard enough. Or maybe just find something to blackmail David Kahn with.

Also, I'm trading Raja Bell for the first offer that comes my way. I don't care if it's a 2nd round pick in 2037. This has dragged on way too long, and is bad for both parties. Just end it. And if we can Robert Sacre, even better. Who doesn't want another dancing big? I think we all miss Fesenko. Or make the deal big, and get back Steve Nash somehow. No youngsters on our part, of course. But they might as well trade Nash away.

I'm not super-high on trading Millsap, but I'll bite on Bledsoe. Talk to Redick and his agent - if he's willing to re-sign with us, I'll give up the worse of our 2 first rounders for him. (Not like the draft will give us anyone that we'll play much anyways.) Or trade for Brandon Jennings and give him the max - that'd be fun. Or Monta Ellis. Or trade for Sebastian Telfair. We can see if he has ANYTHING left - remember, he was on the cover of SI once - and we can help Phoenix give Kendall Marshall more minutes. Just because we don't play youngsters enough, doesn't mean they can't. Or if I'm really in a gambling mood, I call up the Wizards. Singleton, Vesely, Crawford, Booker - there's a couple of young guys that we might as well take a shot on. I'm sure something could be worked out.

Al Jefferson to the Spurs - I don't know. Patty Mills doesn't really do it for me. I've heard Eric Gordon is on the market. What would he cost me?

The biggest priority, though, is to find someone that can handle the ball. This season for sure, and hopefully into the future. My only "untouchables" (with obvious exceptions, of course) are Favors, Kanter, Burks & Hayward. Oh, and Jeremy Evans. If we're building a fun team, he's staying. ... Wait, before I stick to that, I go offer Hayward, Millsap & Burks for Kyrie Irving. Only because I like Kyrie Irving. And for Damian Lillard. I want to see just how much overvalued Hayward is to me.

I go in with the mindset "if I don't have the league's best team and I don't make a trade, I've failed the team and I've failed the fans". That's never good.


Clark: I already sort of answered this in the previous question, but I'm probably trying to trade Al and Paul first and foremost and I am trying to fill these positions: point guard of the future, backup big man, wing defenders, and 3 point shooters, probably in that order. This list probably isn't much different from the Jazz's working list. But for the record, I would trade anything up to Paul Millsap, our own 1st round pick, and Alec Burks for Eric Bledsoe and Lamar Odom or Caron Butler.

I would also trade Al Jefferson to San Antonio for Stephen Jackson, Tiago Splitter and Patty Mills, if that rumor has any traction, just to comment on rumored trades.


Andy: If I did make a move (and I likely wouldn't be able to in this trade market), I'm targeting a long-term answer at either the point guard position, or the Jazz' still thin wing slots. The truth of the matter is we're fairly certain Favors, Hayward, and Kanter can be at least league-average contributors, the verdict on Alec Burks is still out. Thus, A long-term upgrade at PG (Bledsoe is the clear candidate, though I still have worries about his ceiling), or a long-term wing player (Kawhi Leonard, to use a rumored example, though I find it very doubtful that the Spurs would trade him for Millsap or Jefferson).


Spencer: The Guard issue in general needs to be addressed. We have two and half maybe three guards that should be on the team right now (Hayward Burks and Foye, Tinsley ) and we have 6 guards on our roster. Bell, Watson and Murphy should not be taking up roster spots. Bell should be thrown in as an after thought on any trade, and should be bought out after the trade deadline.


Peter: The most likely target I would want to bring in is future draft assets. While that appears to be a hot and limited commodity, the time tested model for building a contender in a small market is through the draft. While the Jazz do already have two likely draft picks this upcoming June, they could certainly look to add future picks that give the team more potential talent in years beyond this one. Obviously, the #1 target with any draft pick will be the team's future point guard with additional help at SF and C being the 2nd and 3rd priorities.


Amar: Within the stated idea that the Jazz are in eternal-win-now mode, they would only be making a trade in order to improve the team right now; and not necessarily build for the future. Because, you know, if they were willing to build for the future they should have put the ball in Gordon Hayward 's and Derrick Favors ' hands LAST season. They did not. And they went for the selfish / one marshmallow experiment choice of trying to win now. Unless the front office is wishy washy I wouldn't expect them to change their spots now. So I think the Jazz may be targeting a back-up PG who has legit three point range who doesn't destroy their cap flexibility. Jamaal Tinsley and Earl Watson have shown that teams will sag off of them when the game goes into the halfcourt. The team cannot afford to play 4 on 5 when the games go down to the wire. This PG isn't going to be the PG of the future, and could be a very limited player -- but our front office seems to be okay with giving those guys 2000 minutes a season. This seems like an internally consistent trade idea for the Jazz. Do I like this? Not really; however, I'm not against bringing in a Ramon Sessions type as an upgrade to our 2nd and 3rd string PGs. He would help this year, and in the future as well as an actual guy who has a contract. (We can't just pay 8 people a season)

The type of player I would try to move would be ancient vets and expiring contracts -- guys like Earl Watson, Raja Bell, and Al Jefferson would be guys I wouldn't be crushed if they were moved. They exist upon a continuum of actual 2012-2013 NBA value though.



Well guys, that's a lot to digest, but I think you have your own feelings and ideas too. So please tell us what you think, and tell us who won this round!