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NBA Trade Deadline: Utah Jazz take huge risk and stand pat, overworked Kevin O'Connor to take immediate three month vacation

Sexy sexy Jazz basketball.
Sexy sexy Jazz basketball.
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

After weeks and weeks of rumors the Utah Jazz have decided to do . . . nothing. I know, you all can stop holding your breath. Center Al Jefferson, on an expiring deal, is not packing his bags. Neither is Paul Millsap who is also on an expiring deal. I really expect someone to ask about shooting guard Raja Bell, but that'll just be passed off as a 'no comment.' Jazz super-duper front office boss Kevin O'Connor did have this to say to the national media, national bloggers, Jazz fans, and yes even the coaching staff:


Well, at least we'll have a lot of cap space to dangle in front of free agents this off-season. You know, because all the top level guys are dying to take their talents to Salt Lake.

Now that the goal of this season has once again been clarified to make the playoffs at all costs, with no other goals worth targeting, if we remain an 8th seed then have we really done anything this year -- besides delay the development of the few guys we still have on contract after all the mercenaries leave?

Jokes aside, I'm sure Kevin O'Connor / Dennis Lindsey and crew all were working right to wire here. I am reminded by what Karl Malone said in an NBC interview years ago when talking about his frustration of never having his team improve its' talent. And I paraphrase, "When I talk to the front office they say "I'm trying, we're trying", but how come all the other teams in the West are doing, and we're not?"

You get what you put into something. If the output and results are lacking . . . does anyone have to take responsibility? I just hope that the owner of the team gives the current players the same leash and lack of accountability that other aspects of the team enjoys and flaunts.

Go Jazz go, #7 or #6 or higher or this season is a bust!