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The Trade Deadline Edition - The Downbeat - #973

trade deadline and dunks



Well, Santa Claus didn't visit us on this momentous Thursday. Some of you love all of our guys and are happy, and some of you are banging your head against your desk moaning "Whyyyyyyy?"

In a similar sense, there are two sides to every coin. Here are some interesting points and counterpoints I saw on Twitter:


Cap space does lend the Jazz a great deal of flexibility, but at the same time, if many other teams also have flexibility, would free agents choose the Jazz?

What if the Jazz used free agents to score draft picks? That opens other possibilities that we may not see results on for many years. In short, this was not a happy trade deadline for those that want to see something happening right now.

Here's another one:


The Jazz holding on to both Al and Paul also brings up this issue that could potentially go quite sideways:


Intermission (for those that need to be cheered up, and believe me, this will):

KSL recently uploaded a video of the best dunks in Jazz history.

I recommend watching this video at .67x speed if you can. From a Stockton behind-the-back wraparound pass (leading to a Karl Malone dunk) to an Adam Keefe two-handed reverse to an Andrei Kirilenko double clutch slam to Tyrone Corbin dunking (and falling) to guys that are still on the team...this spans all eras of the Jazz and is just fantastic.

It's amazing how hard the Mailman ran the floor and how murderously he dunked. We took it for granted when he was still playing. We forget now. We shouldn't. Seriously, some of Karl's dunks took my breath away.

This video also has a second purpose: to edumacate Craig Bolerjack on the definition of "hammer."

No counterpoint on this one. The Jazz need to let Raja Bell go so both sides can move on. Keeping him under contract is a bad look for the Jazz, period. Hopefully the front office gets this done sooner than later.

Most exciting time of the year in your eyes: draft, trade deadline, the start of free agency, or Playoffs?