Burks Production Per Minute

I'll just start off with the picture and explain later.


So what is this graph? Well it is minutes for the x-values and GmSc per minute for the Y values. GmSc Per Minute is described by this equation:


So this is a fairly simple, weighted statistic that measures per minute production.

The R-squared value implies a small-to-medium correlation. What does that mean? Well, it means:

1) Playing time isn't everything that correlates with Burks' production to increase or decrease

2) Playing time and Production are definitely correlated in a positive way.

Next, what is correlation and causation? Causation is "X causes Y". Correlation is either "X causes Y", "Y causes X", or "X and Y cause Y". In simpler terms, either A) Burks Plays better because Corbin gives him more time, B) Corbin plays Burks more time because he is playing better, or C) Because Corbin gives Burks more time and he's playing well Burks will play even better.

Now discuss and argue the correlation :-)

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