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The Wednesday (What Day) Loss Edition- The Downbeat #978

Third quarter woes continue...

You choose choose choose me?
You choose choose choose me?

Jazz lost. There isn't much to say. The Hawks have now taken six out of the last seven games against the Jazz. This game followed the pattern of every Jazz game. There is nothing really new to say.

1st quarter- awful start - check!

2nd quarter- bench makes a run- check!

3rd quarter- worse awfulness than the 1st quarter- check!

4th quarter- whole team makes a push results in a loss- check!

So I think Ty needs to sit down with his team and remind them about how many quarters are in the game it can go like this...

So we have three regular rotation players who are injured (not counting Mo so four but whatever he's been gone forever)


So if all three of those players aren't able to go against the Bobcats on Friday... what do the Jazz do?

Sign a D-League player.... oh wait.

Give all the minutes to the C4.... it doesn't have to do with +/- so

Fly in Raja Bell from Miami....oh nevermind

Seriously though what will our rotations look like on Friday if we are missing Al, Paul and DeMarre?

In cased you missed it Moni did a wonderful job on transcribing KOC's interview with the Zone (READ IT!!)

This stood out to me among many things

On the young players
You look out there and you got a 20- and a 21- and a 22-year-old. You know, it’s like, "Hello!" with those four kids. They’re improving, and they’re getting almost as much as they can handle right now, and still win. You know, you can put ‘em in a lot more, you could play ‘em a lot more, and we probably wouldn’t win…

The guys to me that are successful are the guys that either have great talent right away, can come into the league and show the talent like a Kevin Durant, and also show that they can win.

How does he say such things? So is he saying are guys aren't successful? How will the C4 and their agents/families feel when they hear about his comments ?

How do you treat your future so poorly to keep contract players happy?

You can also read about his opinion on metrics, slow starts, poor road record among many other things. So interesting.

From James Rust's twitter (he works for ESPN 700)


Do you agree with James's tweets?

Derrick Favors had been perfect when starting for the Jazz this year (2-0) but now he is not. This is what Ty had to say about Derrick Favors's start. (nice things) Via Steve Luhm's article Derrick Favors Shines as Starter

"I thought he did a good job," Corbin said. "I thought he was aggressive on the defense end. He made some great defensive plays for us. He also got the ball on the post and made some good moves there. He got a little tired, but we’re short-handed. So I thought he did a good job." -