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NFL Superbowl XLVII -- Soup or Bowl Game Thread and inpromptu recipie roundup

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, there's some game today or something. Foosball. Enjoy the game with your favorite Jazz family by coming in here and sharing your thoughts about what you see on the field, the commercials, and be sure to bring your best recipe too.

Additionally, there's a bunch of great stuff happening around the SB Nation network today . . . if you are into that stuff.

* A preview of the game!

* A hilarious on-scene investigation of the deer antler place!

* Full coverage of everything from SB Nation!

* Matt Ufford's awesome, envy-inspiring food tour of New Orleans!

* Jon Bois' discomfiting Super Bowl Party breakdown!

* A drinking primer from Big Bois!

* Former Top Chef contestant Eli Kirshtein's perfect nachos!

* All of the commercials you'll see today!

* Our awesome Niners blog, Niners Nation!

* Our excellent Ravens blog, Baltimore Beatdown!