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Kings @ Jazz Quick Post Game Recap. Jazz win 98-91

The memories of a man in his old age are the deeds of a man in his prime - Roger Waters

Young Burks making memories for his old age!
Young Burks making memories for his old age!
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Go Alec Freakin' Burks! I was so impressed that Alec played so well. Yes he had a few turnovers but that's to be expected with how little the Jazz have played him at point.

Lets back it up a bit, tonight the Jazz played and beat the Sacramento Kings. While the Kings are a lousy 17-33 and have now lost four in a row, for the Jazz however beating the Kings, is no easy feat! The previous four out of six games between Kthe Kings and the Jazz, the game has been won by three points or less. The Kings can play the worse ball in the world for weeks on end but when they play the Jazz they seem to put forth their best effort or one of the better efforts.

The Jazz got off to their usual lousy start, no defense, no energy, Al took seven out of our first ten shots which shows that there wasn't team play or much ball movement to start the game. The bench came in and the game changed. I'd like to think it had a lot to do with Favors on the defensive end. Favors was a whopping +14 in his nearly 13 minutes in the first half. DeMarre provided energy, and Burks was fabulous. We saw the Big Three lineup for like 40 seconds but it was cool to see. When Favors left the game the Kings went on a 11-4 run to the end the half.

The Kings were short-handed in the 2nd half as DeMarcus Cousins was kicked out of the game after receiving his 2nd technical during halftime. I guess he wanted to talk to the ref before leaving for the locker room and the ref didn't want to talk back.

The third quarter is pretty much one to be forgotten. The Kings lead got as large as seven in the quarter. Burks hit timely threes to not make the Kings larger than that.

The fourth quarter was what you'd expect from a Kings vs Jazz game. It was tight, the largest lead by the Kings was once again seven and this time Foye made it a four point game to avoid the larger deficit of nine or ten. Millsap, Foye and Marvin Williams all had their big shots in the fourth quarter. I liked seeing us play as a team in the clutch instead of the Al takes all your shots offense. Al did play well in the last 5 minutes of the fourth that he played. I was impressed that Ty stuck with Favors for which seemed like a little bit longer (but in my mind never long enough) than usual. Kanter did play in the second half which is rare for him as a of late. Burks played from the 5:33 mark in the 3rd till the end of overtime! Go Mr. Burks! Oh yeah the game did go into overtime (typical Jazz- Kings).

Foye was doubled at the end of regulation giving the ball up to Al who shot an air-ball three. I am sure that was not the play that Ty designed. The overtime was fun though and who doesn't like five extra minutes of basketball! The Jazz had control throughout the overtime. Millsap scored four points. Foye had six though four of those were end of the game free throws. Al and Burks chipped in two a piece. It was a fun overtime because I had no doubts at all that the Jazz win.

Super fun game and nice win for the short-handed Jazz.

So give it up for the young Alec Burks and the Utah Jazz!