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The "Jeremy Evans--Repeat Slam Dunk Champ?" Edition - The Downbeat - #961

It was announced a few hours ago that Jeremy Evans will be given the opportunity defend his Slam Dunk title at this year's All-Star Weekend. (Sadly, Randy Foye was not invited to the 3-point shooting contest.)

Here's Jeremy talking about the invite:

According to Jeremy, "Coach Ty" and "all the other coaches" are helping him with his dunks. You know what that means? The man is desperately in need of our help.

Our founding father, @5kl, and @JazzmanJoey had this suggestion:


1) What kind of dunk would you like to see Jeremy do?

Also in the video, Jeremy mentioned that Gordon Hayward is heading home to his girlfriend so he will not be helping Jeremy with his dunks at All-Star Weekend.

2) Which Jazzman would you like to see helping Jeremy with his dunks?

A simple yes/no question (though you are of course welcome to elaborate if you wish): Regardless of whether Earl Watson comes back tomorrow, do the Jazz need to be targeting a point guard at the trade deadline?

Need a laugh? @prodigyJF at your service:

Caption this:


Please rank this list of the Jazz front office's worst enemies, from worst to less worse:

The Internet
Twitter/social media
ESPN Trade Machine

*Not a typo