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BBALL Breakdown 's Coach Nick explains the HORNS set with examples from NBA Teams, including the mighty Utah Jazz

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone, first of all did you check out Yucca (@YuccaManHoops )'s amazing post on the FLEX offense this week? If you missed it you should check it out in conjunction with this post. Well here Coach Nick (@bballSource) breaks down the HORNS, right in time for Valentine's for all you bball lovers out there. The first point he makes is that this set is used as a base set for quite a number of basketball teams. The second point that he makes is that from this set, beyond all the internal variations of direction and actual personnel starting position, you can move on seamlessly into a number of secondary plays: like the pick and roll, or the FLEX.

While I think that increases the complexity, I do think that is a necessary thing for grown adults to put into their offense. Check out his breakdown.

I guess the third thing is that our current personnel isn't so fly at running Horns.

Thanks again Coach Nick for being such an asset and helping out SB Nation with these videos. You make me understand the Xs and Os better. Probably the ultimate thing in all of this is that if you have that dominant offensive force you can really cause havoc in the middle part of the shot clock with Horns. We need that.