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The Jazz's Loss to the Kings is Frustrating

This loss made me so mad. I don't know why but many things frustrated me with this loss.

Isaiah Thomas, He's so HOT right now
Isaiah Thomas, He's so HOT right now

For the last season or two I have felt apathetic and disinterested towards the success and failures of the team. I have tried to recognize that the team is in a state of transition so it shouldn't really matter what the team does or doesn't do since Jerry "retired" and Deron was traded. I have tried to be patient.

I recognize that Ty is likely the rebound coach after Jerry was dumped. I don't think he is the long term successor of Jerry. I try to remember that Al Jefferson won't be on the team that much longer. We won't always be playing Al ball instead of Jazz basketball.

I know it doesn't make sense to those who read my posts or follow me on twitter. I am pretty emotional but its all just a temporary reaction. I don't feel what I had felt for over 20 years of being a Jazz fan. There has been a disconnect through out my joy and frustration following the team for the last two and half seasons.

Tonight watching the Jazz lose to the Kings must have been the tipping point for me, a tipping point that I didn't realize was brewing within me.

What is going on with our team? How can the Jazz repeatedly make the same mistakes over and over and over again. The startling lineup of Al, Paul, Marv, Foye and Tinsely SUCKS. Seriously how many times does Coach Corbin need to see the team fall behind before he makes an adjustment. It took Ty three games to snap Favors out of the starting lineup last year and he wasn't even causing the team to play horribly. Ty took Hayward out of the starting lineup earlier this season, along with Marvin Williams for a bit just to sneak Foye (his lover boy) into the starting lineup. Ty wasn't afraid to make changes then why is he now when things are worse?! Yes we have won but with an incredibly easy home heavy schedule and the starters have overall still played horribly collectively even in our wins.

Why is it that we are OK with having a starting lineup with FOUR PLAYERS that are not under contract with the Jazz next season and the fifth player in the starting lineup has a player option. Wow what a way to build continuity and chemistry for the future. As DeMarre said he's playing for 29 other teams... doesn't that seem to be the attitude of most of our players?

Playing for 29 other teams? Who is at fault for that? Is it Ty? Is it KOC? Is it just the culture of our ever changing Jazz team now?

This loss is HORRIBLE. I know Ty, Locke and others will say its just one in an 82 game schedule but I don't see it that way. This loss epitomizes everything that is wrong with our team. Can I remind them that the Kings are a horrible team. We barely beat them at home (in overtime mind you) and get blown out tonight?! We had our freaking worst home loss in franchise history a few weeks ago to Houston (a team with a worse record than us) and yet things never change and always stay the same because that was just one loss in an 82 game season.

Watching DeMarre Carroll dribble the ball until the shot clock ran out, shows that there is no discipline on this team. Why did Watson play so much? Are agents controlling playing time?! Seriously Ty's lineups have been so screwy (well forever) but especially the last two games. It seems like he is going away from what was bringing success just a few weeks earlier. Erratic coaching, no consistency on offense and a non-existent defense (while the starters are in) just shows how lost this team is and how little discipline they have this season.

I don't know why this loss upset me so much, its the most emotion I have felt in a long time regarding the Jazz. All I know is that I want my team, not a team of soon to be free agents. Why sell me a team of young exciting players and instead play washed up vets and average vets ahead of them? How is this going to make me feel any attachement to this team knowing that at least half the team will be turned over once again this summer? I want a team to love, a team to feel attached to, its hard to feel that way with this Jazz or at least with who is played and how they play.

Diana, SHUT UP we are four games over .500, still 7th in the West. Ty is doing a remarkable job considering his circumstances!

PS Shout out to Alec Burks and his career high of 24 points tonight.