Player comparisons for Hayward, Kanter, and Favors

This last off season we saw some posts about player comparisons for the core four. Well, we now have one more season (almost) of data under our belts, and I thought I'd try and get an idea of what our guys out going to look like. For each player, I'm using some PER 36 numbers, shooting percentages, and how they use their possessions (number of ft's, number of 3's, etc...). I do agree that per 36 can at times be misleading, so I'm going to slightly lower the bar for our guys per 36 numbers (Example- per 36 Kanter averages 4.6 offensive rebounds a game, but I'll look up players who average 3.5). I'm also going to mostly look at players who are still playing. Lets see what we come up with.

Enes Kanter-For Enes , I looked up players who averaged 50/75 shooting, scored 16 points a game, and got 3.5 ORB, and are under 7'.

Zach Randolph is the one active player who showed up on this list. If I chance the qualifications and change 3.5 ORB for 10 TRB, David Lee and Carlos Boozer had similar seasons.

Derrick Favors- For Derrick, I looked up players who averaged 14 ppg, 10trb, 2blk, and had 5 FTA. The list brought up a TON of all time great centers. There were a lot of David Robinson, Duncan, Garnett, and Howard seasons. But if I look at players who averaged less than 18 points, I get a few Dwight Howard seasons, Jermaine O'neil, Dikembe Mutombo and Alonzo Mourning. In my opinion, Jermaine O'neil is the better example offensively because he shot a lower field goal percentage like Derrick. It's still yet to be seen if he can become a high usage player though. If he's not able to, I think Dikembe Mutombo is a similar comparison, as he drew a lot free throws like Derrick, but wasn't a go to option.

Gordon Hayward- This was my favorite search yet. I searched for players who averaged 5.5 fta, 3.5 3pa, shot at least 38% from 3, and scored less than 24 a game (Gordon is currently attempting 6fta per 36, and 4 3pa). The players who showed up on the list were Kevin Martin, Ginobli, Harden, Mitch Richmond, Reggie Miller, Paul Pierce, Richard Jefferson, and Manu Ginobli. All of these players are fantastic offensive players. None of them were first options on great teams, but many were second options on great teams. This gives me hope that Hayward has the chops to be a solid second option on a championship contender. One other note is that there wasn't a single player that averaged less than 17 points a game. If you go to the line and shoot as many 3's as Hayward does, you're going to score. My final player comp is Ginobli-lite, as Hayward is becoming a master of the euro step, but isn't quite the passer Manu is.

So what do you all think. Would a core trio of Zbo/boozer/Lee type player, a mutombo/o'neal type player, and Ginobli/Richard Jefferson type player compete for a championship? Or do we need to add another core piece? (IS BURKS THAT PIECE???)

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