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The Downbeat #994- The Its So Funny Edition

So so much lolz! Jazz lose to the Knickerbockers and somehow no one is surprised

Just taking a walk around Al
Just taking a walk around Al

Prenote: sorry for the late, hurried Downbeat, Mylo had an emergency this morning.

Jazz lost to the Carmelo-less, Amare-less and Chandler-less Knicks. Everyone take a moment and let it out hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Seriously it doesn't get much worse than this. The Jazz looked once again horrible last night. They have no plays besides isolations and they play no defense. They don't care anymore and have tuned out Ty. Maybe it looks like they're listening to Ty but the way they are playing shows they don't care what he thinks. Ty doesn't seem to have the respect from even his heavily favored vetzz anymore.

There was just so much fail in the game last night. I do love that it was on National TV so everyone can see how far the mighty Jazz have fallen.

Oh and this (BTW I love Al the person so I imagine he was just frustrated and had nothing more to say):




A blogger for the Knicks can see what we have been preaching for over two years now. Best quote ever about this current Jazz team (H/T Moni)

Not to take too too much away from our much-needed W, but holy hell are the Jazz a complete disaster – terrible spacing, no semblance of offensive identity, defensive breakdowns galore. They have some decent talent; it’s just being put together like a toddler would a 500-piece puzzle.

Last night there was much complaining from the Jazz post game show about the Jazz's bench and how AWFUL they played. They did not care to mention that the starters were pretty dang bad themselves.

Jazzbasketball tweeted this to me. He brings up very good points. If the Jazz bench doesn't show or has an off night we lose and its their fault. (read from the bottom up)

  1. ...When Favors struggles, it's surprising. When a starter does, no shock at all. Says alot about who most consistent players are

  2. I know, to me it says A LOT MORE that this was one of few times ever that fans were saying to sit Favors cause he was struggling

  3. Exactly - and one of the few times the bench can't bail the starters out they take the brunt of the blame.

  4. It's sad how many miss the obvious: Jazz starters regularly struggle but if the bench doesn't play great the Jazz are in trouble

Remember how months ago we said that the Jazz were better without Mo Williams, Locke is finally admitting that


And things we have been saying and got laughed at and ridiculed for because we are just dumb fans who don't know anything:

  1. . is also spot-on, questioning Paul Millsap's performances of late. Asks if he is a leader? Jazz need him badly.

  2. . is hitting a lot of the major problems we're seeing: trade deadline passing; lack of effort; motivation?

Welp at least its being seen now.

Some of us are not surprised by how the team has played.


And one last tweet because it made me laugh:


And now to people who think I should be barefoot and pregnant, who call us boggers, and who think we know nothing because we aren't professionals (BTW Grace says the A-word in this video so don't watch it in front of your children)