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Al Jefferson or Ty Corbin: Who Should Stay? - The Clark and Andy Show on SLCDunk Radio

So... why do we keep losing? What must change for the team to play better next year? Is this current season over?

Scott Halleran

Clark and Andy look back to Zach Lowe's article on the Jazz and discuss: who's responsible for the Jazz' woes: is it Ty Corbin, Al Jefferson, or others on the team? What should the roster look like next year, and should we expect the Jazz to be good, or dreadful? Oh, and this year: what are the Jazz' chances of making the playoffs, and does this team deserve to make it to the postseason? Then, completely inexplicably, Clark tries the Gallon Challenge throughout the course of the episode: can he drink an entire gallon of milk in an hour? Are his maneuvers doing so legal? All that, and more on this week's podcast!

(Yes, for those who watch every post at SLCDunk, this is the same audio as yesterday's post game video. Well, almost. We edited out the part where Clark is gone and replaced it with 30 seconds of Jeopardy music. But other than that, it's the same. Click on the play button below so that our listener stats go up anyway? Thanks!)

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Al Jefferson or Ty Corbin: Who Should Stay? - Clark and Andy Show on SLCDunk Radio