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The Downbeat #1k1 - Oh, Sweet Irony

Mavs geriatrics jovial as they catch Jazz in standings.
Mavs geriatrics jovial as they catch Jazz in standings.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Such a great Downbeat by BBJ yesterday. It was great going back through those old Downbeats and seeing my first post (a comment about a writer mistaking Boozer's apathy for patience). That lead me to digging around for my first real post here at SLC Dunk, a season review of Boozer almost 4 years ago. It also reminded me of how glad I am to have the opportunity to do this every week and how much I enjoy it.

Oh, and I'm sure more than one person saw the irony in myself being the one that emailed BBJ asking when my Downbeat was going to be posted, being as I'm now exclusively getting mine posted at lunchtime. I actually remembered the email and I believe I offered to do it for him.

Eventually I took over doing the old While You Were Sleeping posts during the past #playoffpushes. I still love those and had a lot of fun doing them. I swear that if I didn't have 2 hours of commuting each day, and wasn't an hour (at least) behind most of you, I would totally take those up again.

Last week I mentioned doing a tournament bracket for worst Jazz losses, after the Knicks debacle. I still think I'm going to do that, but at the end of the season.... as many stated in the comments there's far too much time left for a loss that would be a bracket buster (tonight, for example).

A little WYWS:

Mavericks 109 - Clippers 102

That's bad for the Jazz. The Mavs now hold the same record as the Jazz and both sit just a game back from the Lakers. Even worse: The Mavs are a bit hot. They are 7-3 in their last 10. The Jazz? 3-7. All is not well in #playoffpushland

For those of you incessantly checking your Twitter TL, this is way old as it was announced about 3 minutes ago:

The Jazz have signed guard Jerel McNeal (Marquette) to a 10-day contract. The SL Tribune has more details here.

Shoutout to the Jazz for making this point of the DB easy for me. It looks like Jerel will wear #23, which is cool because its really original. He has also been in a little bit of a *ahem* sticky icky icky situation:

Also, this made me laugh, re: #23

Obviously, the Jazz are giving guys a shot to see if they like what they see in practice. Basically, a 10 day interview. Its possible that we could see some of these guys back for summer league, then training camp, and who knows, maybe the next Wesley Matthews or DeMarre Carroll is found.

The good news for the Jazz is that the Suns don't have much reason to put up a fight tonight. That doesn't mean the Jazz aren't capable of completely giving the game away. The brightside is that the Suns are really bad and are in complete rebuild mode. The scary thing is that they have Jermaine O'Neal who (I think) just celebrated his 58th birthday. Look for him to destroy the Jazz starting lineup in the vain of Kurt Thomas, Vince Carter, and Mike James.