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"The You've Had a Birthday Shout Hooray! Edition"- The Downbeat #1002

Jazz win! Jazz beat Phoenix, Hooray!

Happy Birthday Jerry!
Happy Birthday Jerry!
George Frey

Woot! Woot! Another Wednesday night game, another Wednesday night win.

We did it. We did it. We did it. Yay! Lo hicimos! We had to win to stay in the playoff race. We did it. We did it. We did it. Hooray. We beat the Suns, the worst team in the West. We did it. We did it. We did it. Now we're just a game back of the evil Lakers. Yay! Whoo! Hooray! We did it. Whoo! We did it. We did it. We did it. Hooray! Lo hicimos!

The Jazz beat the Suns by 15. 103-88.

Leading scorers: Al and Hayward with 25

Leading assists: Mo with 10

Leading rebounds: Favors with 15

Leading sympathy getter: Kanter with dislocated shoulder

It seemed to be a balanced attack by the Jazz. Honestly in confessions of confessions I thought most of the game was pretty boring which I didn't ever think possible of a Jazz and Suns matchup. The 4th quarter things changed. The Jazz opened the quarter up on a 10-0 run by playing UTAH JAZZ BASKETBALL!!! There were cutters, there were extra passes, there were beautiful shots as a result of said play! Nice win Utah!

This season hasn't been the greatest Jazz season ever. Favors has his plantar fascitis, Paul and Al matching ankle injuries, Mo his thumb, and now poor Enes. Cute young Enes dealing with an injury.

Get Well soon Enes. We love you, we'll miss you, you are the best! If Dr. Amar would like to address the injury in the comment section or by editing this post that would be appreciated.

Memo Okur attended the game so did Jerry Sloan I miss those guys sooooooo much! What a fantastic era in Jazz basketball was the DWill, Memo, AK and Boozer era. Short lived relatively speaking but so so much fun. Memo was a HUGE part of our success during that time.


I see those guys and my heart is full. Hopefully soon the Jazz will soon get back to better days.

Chills baby chills! i knew who the Jazz were back then. Everyone knew who the Jazz were. I hope we can gain an identity again and soon. What do you think it will take for the Jazz to once again find an identity? What do you want the identity to be?

Today is Jerry Sloan's 71st birthday! Happy Birthday to my favorite coach of all time! We love you Jerry! Yesterday I had fun looking up fun youtube videos of Jerry.

A brand new upload from Jazzbasketball! Jerry and Rick Adelman talking about being teammates.

Remember how everyone thinks Jerry fought the girl ref but it was really a boy but his name is Courtney: * I love love Karl's interview at the end of this video

Jerry Stackhouse liked to pick on anyone on the Jazz. Sloan has had enough:

Jerry Sloan with the very cool, I didn't know that was Cuban, I thought it was some guy in the stands comment:

He was feisty even in his old age: I miss you Jerry. Thanks for being such an amazing coach for our Utah Jazz for so many many many years.

Gordon Monson wrote an article Tuesday asking what was wrong with the Jazz. Its a good article, check it out. Here is the list of things Gordon says is possibly wrong with the Jazz. Read the article for his reasoning.

Yes the Jazz have won two in a row but I still think these issues still concern the Jazz.

• A lack of identity

• Lack of focus, effort and energy

• Lack of consistent defense

• No moves made before the trade deadline

Mo Williams is not a Jazz point guard

• The cloud of free agency

• Lack of mental toughness

• Corbin’s coaching ability

• A rudderless ship

I think most of this stems to Corbin's coaching ability and lack of identity. Great list by Monson, good things to think about. Most of them yes have been brought up right here at SLC Dunk.


I meant to post this in the DB but forgot. I found it way interesting. Thanks for brining it up the comments so I remembered!