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Playing GM: What would we pay the free agents? - Clark and Andy Show

So 10 games from the end of the regular season, what have we learned so far this season, and given that new knowledge, how much money would we be willing to give to the Jazz's FAs?


This time, we talk about the lessons of this season: if the Jazz miss the playoffs, what has the team learned that they can use going forward? Then, using that info, we making estimations of each of Utah's free agent's market worth. What would Clark and Andy pay to retain Paul Millsap, Al Jefferson, and the rest of Utah's free agents? Is there anyone who we wouldn't sign at any price?

This version goes shorter, as Clark and Andy atone for last episode's length by making a <30 minute podcast.

Listen to us using the nifty widget below, or as always, listen to us on iTunes or Stitcher Radio. The mp3 link is also below the widget, if you need to listen using that.

Playing GM: What Have We Learned, and How Much Would We Pay? - Clark and Andy Show on SLCDunk Radio