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The Downbeat: The Blah Edition

So. Much. Welp.


Favors had himself a game.

He did post a negative plus or minus score so let's get a little more into this stat line shall we?

That's better. Amazing line..


Last night Corbin inexplicably did not replace Millsap on the front line with Favors. Millsap was injured. He was hurting. He was having trouble getting to spots. He did get to the line quite often in that 4th quarter but so were the Bucks. A lot of the calls keeping the Jazz in that game were on free throws called on 50-50 fouls that I'm sure will look even more frustrating on synergy. Let's compare Millsap and Favors advanced box score stats, shall we?

Now, if you have the game on the line and you need higher percentage shots, more offensive rebounds against Milwaukee's defensive monster Larry Sanders, and overall higher disparity between offensive rating and defensive rating you would think you'd put Derrick Favors into the game. Add to the equation he turned the ball over 3% less in that game. Turnovers are game killers in crunch time. But, hey, statistics, matistics. .


"BUT, MYLO! DERRICK FAVORS STILL HAD A NEGATIVE PLUS/MINUS!" So did Paul Millsap before he was left in the game in the 4th and overtime. Also it's downright impossible to post a positive plus/minus in a game when you got great teammates putting in showstopping numbers like these:

In case those numbers didn't make your jaw hit the floor here's the advanced stats for this trio:

Yes that is correct. Do not adjust your computer, phone, or tablet screens. That flaming dumpster fire that you call a stat line is completely accurate. Here's a few awful points that should be pointed out.

  1. Randy Foye did not register a point. Neither did Watson. Neither did Marvin Williams. 3 out of your 5 starting guys could not hit the bottom of the net even if they had a trampoline and a halftime show.
  2. Marvin Williams offensive rating was a zero. Not a 1 not a 10 not a 20 which would all still be horrendous. But a zero.
  3. Earl Watson turned the ball over on 50% of his offensive possessions. Yes. Last week I gave Corbin a little credit that Earl Watson made the original starting lineup a little better offensively. Since then Earl Watson has made almost every Jazz lineup that he's been in tank faster than you can say Mark Jackson.
  4. Just soak up Marvin Williams overall stat line. That's your starting small forward everybody. That's the guy who the Jazz have to "get going" every game. I learned a long time ago in management if you have to "get a guy going" almost every time he shows up to work you hired the wrong guy. Also, if you're going to use the "we're using him wrong" argument I'm sure Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter, and Alec Burks would love to have a wonderful conversation with you about that very topic.
So if we look at those stats alone is a miracle that Favors escaped with only a negative 9 in plus/minus while Earl Watson, Randy Foye, and Marvin Williams planted the largest plus/minus minefield this side of the demilitarized zone in Korea.


Interesting post-game quotes via JazzFanatical

Tyrone Corbin

[Look at] who we’re playing at the end. You know, you got a young guy in Alec [Burks] who’s not a point guard playing a lot of minutes at point for us. You know, you got he and Gordon on the floor learning their way as they go through the situations now. And you got Enes [Kanter] out there at the five, and Paul [Millsap] trying to help with DeMarre [Carroll], the veteran guys, there…You can’t talk ‘em through the experience you have to go through and sometimes it’s painful, and this was a painful loss for us..

.I don't even know what to say. This quote is going to start a rant so get prepared. You sitting down? You ready?

This is one of the most frustrating losses I've seen in quite a while. The excuses that Ty Corbin has put up have gone from being funny to just plain asinine. If he saw the numbers Derrick Favors could have been roaming the paint and, I dare say, it would have been a lot more intimidating for Ellis or Jennings to go mouse in the house on every single play. Ty responds in the post game by throwing these young guys under the bus? HOW ABOUT FOYE? HOW ABOUT MARVIN WILLIAMS? HOW ABOUT EARL WATSON? These young guys are the only reason you're in the game at this point and he wants to talk about inexperience? I have tried to stay impartial to this movement on how Corbin is as a coach but the increasing anecdotes of lack of communication (most recently with Jamaal Tinsley) are just alarming. Last season we heard how great the lockerroom was and how everything was just peachy. Then at the end of the season CJ Miles, Raja Bell, and others come out about how Ty couldn't communicate with them. That is your job as a coach. Sometimes your job as a coach is to assume responsibility and deflect blame. Ty Corbin does this but for the wrong group of players. It's awful.

Hopefully, Corbin learns something from this. But it is becoming increasingly clear that he's "learning" that the young guys can't execute in late minute situations (which is a horrible conclusion). Al will return and we'll go back to the status quo of horrendous defense. Corbin will get his safety nets of Al and Millsap back and we'll go back to the way things were. Good or bad. The playoffs are becoming less and less of a possibility. With Ty Corbin's job security more and more in question with a team that might miss the playoffs you can expect more time devoted to veterans if they are healthy. Just a mess. Just a mess.