Positive Post Game thread.........

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

So I was pretty frustrated last night. However, after an OK night of sleep, I think we as fans need to focus on the positive things that are happening with the Jazz this season instead of focusing on the debacle of Milwaukee. We need some positive Karma right now.

First, how about the young guys? They are really coming on at the end of this season. I was impressed with Favors last night. He had a good game, followed by a bad game, followed by a monster game last night. He really bounced back and seemed motivated by Kanters 20/20. What we have learned is Favors is a center. He is a beast when he is around the basket. This may be part of the reason why he doesn't play that well with Big Al.....who is also a center.

Second, Kanter......He is showing that he is ready for big time minutes already. Also, he pairs very well with Favors which also shouldn't be overlooked this year. The fact that we have two big guys who can pass it to each other is awesome. That Kanter alley-oop to Favors last night was spectacular.

Third, How about the play of Burks. Even with Ellis and Jennings going off, Burks kept his cool and played really well down the stretch which was good to see.

Fourth, the wing play of Hayward and Carroll. I can remember for the past several years, players just coming in a lighting the Jazz up for big time points. That isn't happening so much anymore. Our young guys play pretty good perimeter defense.

And lastly, Mo is coming back which means less of Watson and Tinsley. Although Tinsley can be pretty entertaining at times when he dribbles through players legs. At least we will have some quickness at the point guard position and Burks could get some time at the 2 guard again. Hopefully that will translate into less time for Marvin who is really struggling and could use some time off to rest is ailing knee.

Right now I could envision us rolling out Burks, Hayward, Carroll, Kanter and Favors next year and be pretty competitive. Thank goodness we aren't the Bobcats and we could actually loose both Milsap and Al (I hope) next year and still be good. And we have two draft picks this year as well which are looking better all the time. Lets create some positive Karma going forward....

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