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The Downbeat #1k13 - The Pocket Kraken Edition


Injury update, in case you haven't heard:

Enes Kanter:

Out for the season after Doctors determine he needs surgery-

Alec Burks:

Marvin Williams:

Is either the Outbreak Monkey, or has that disease from 28 Days Later:

The same as last week, Ben Golliver of SI's Point Forward Blog,

breaks down the #playoffpush between the Lakers and Jazz. He has some great in-depth stats to show how both teams are playing. Unfortunately, winning last night would have pushed the Lakers to win all their remaining games, all but sealing the Jazz's spot in the playoffs. Further unfortunate news: the race will likely come down to how the Rockets and Spurs decide to play their final games against the Lakers. Of course, the Jazz have to do their part and win out against the Timberwolves (who will be without Kevin Love) and take one from the Grizzlies.

Favors was great last night. I don't care what Matt Harpring says. He had the only positive +/- on the team (+4), had a defensive rating of 91, and had the 2nd highest efficiency rating on the team. His playing 30 minutes a game has been the only positive to come out of Kanter's injury, though I would argue that he should be playing 5-6 more.

Zach Lowe touches on a topic near and dear to my heart. No, not offensive adjustments in the NBA, though the read is fascinating. Scroll down to the end. Yes, I'm talking about Ty's pocket square (Lowe calls it a handkerchief. Its not a handkerchief. That's something you blow your nose into and goes in an inside jacket pocket). Moni is my comrade in the crusade to change the horrendous tailoring on the Jazz's sideline (Except Johnnie Bryant. He is impeccably tailored). You'll see what I'm talking about. It happened last night, too. I call it the Pocket Kraken.

Did last night's game change your outlook on the #playoffpush? Lets hear what you think will happen. Not what you WANT to happen. Do you think the Spurs will rest players? Warriors? Rockets? Will the Grizzlies rest against the Jazz? Will the Blazers tank tonight?