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NBA Playoffs 2013: Western Conference Standings 4 / 12 / 2013 -- While you were sleeping


Last night only had one game, hope you all got your rest because tonight is going to be crazy.


And here we go...



The Good:




The Bad:


  • The Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Golden State Warriors which puts them in the driver's seat above the San Antonio Spurs for winning the West's best record. If OKC remains #1 then they'll end up facing the 8th seed in the playoffs. Of course, the ONLY seed we can get is the 8th seed. I'd rather face the Spurs than the Thunder in the first round because they're injured right now and we have experience with them -- almost beating them in their gym this season when they were at full strength. We'd have little chance at OKC this year I think, with all their love from the refs.



The 'Meh':


  • There were no other games last night.




Tonight 14 of the 15 teams in the West are playing. Let's go over them here in bullet form --

  • Thunder @ Trail Blazers -- OKC on the 2nd night of a b2b
  • Kings vs Spurs -- Spurs will be playing Tony Parker down the stretch it seems
  • Nuggets @ Mavericks -- Denver is fighting Memphis for the #3 spot, so they want to keep winning, Dallas is now 2 wins away from being able to shave their beards
  • Clippers @ Hornets -- Chris Paul goes up against his old club, this will be like clubbing baby seals
  • Grizzlies @ Rockets -- both teams are in races right now and will be going for it
  • Warriors @ Lakers -- Golden State will be playing their 2nd in a b2b, and Kobe Bryant will be looking to continue going to the line
  • Timberwolves @ Jazz -- this is the big one for us, our last home game of the season. It's as must win as any other game this season

Of note, T-Wolves and Kings are close enough together that they may want to selectively Tank right now for more ping pong balls.